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Boston Medical Supplies


All of your home medical equipment needs, can be supplied by Boston Medical Supplies.  Whether you are in need of bariatric beds, back supports, equipment for diabetic care or respiratory equipment, you can find it all here.  We even carry wheelchairs and braces for those who need them.   We have been here for ten years providing both home and mobile medical care supplies for those who need them. 
Address: Boston, MA, 02135    
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Boston Medical Supplies

Boston Medical Supplies

Boston Medical Supplies is your one stop shop for home care medical supplies and equipment; and we literally have everything that you could think of to meet your needs. You might need something to make your diabetes a manageable situation; if that is the case, we have diabetic equipment
Maybe you need to have your bathroom renovated to purchase large equipment to make a good environment for recovery.  You can take care of that with us. Perhaps you need something more basic like braces or mobility supplies; we carry those too. Our desire is to make the right medical home supplies available to you so your rest and recovery environment will be comfortable.
Some people need to have a bed system instead of just their ordinary bed because of a particular medical condition. The bed system then can be used as part of the treatment in a considerable number of medical conditions.  We have a large selection all of the necessary components for this kind of system.  You can come and see our selection of adjustable home hospital beds, adjustable bed rails, hospital mattresses (along with the mattress covers) to customize your system.  Moreover, we keep a number of pressure mattresses on hand so that you will detail your system in a way that makes your recovery atmosphere a pleasant on. Of course this has everything to do with making sure that you meet your particular sleep preferences; so we make sure that we  have cutting edge air flow,  bariatric systems and  lymphadema pumps. To tailor your surroundings, we also make sure to keep both hospital overbed tables and hospital bed rails, because while we value your business, we also value your safety.
Boston Medical Supplies specializes in mobility aids; and because of that we stock an exclusive selection of high-tech medical walkers, motorized wheelchairs, and power scooters.  On the other hand, we keep manual, lightweight, portable, and folding wheelchairs on hand too.  This way you can have your cake and eat it too.  You can have the function of medical mobility, while you can also have state of the art technology.  Of course even if after that you are looking for is a device to get your from Point A to Point B, we have you covered and we have what you’re looking for.  For those who have more delicate and special needs, we carry heavy duty and wide wheelchairs.  You know our name-- “One Medical”, which means that you can make us your one (and probably only) stop.  When you do, you will find that we make available anything that you need for your new wheelchair, (even stylish wheelchair bags, if you so desire).  All you have to do is to come and spend a few minutes with one of our staff persons, and we will help you to get moving again.
What happens when pain comes to attack to your joints; either chronic pain or sudden pain?  Sometimes all you need is a dependable brace to provide relief and comfort to make your recovery bearable. If that is what you are looking for, we are flushed with different kinds of braces, in particular the back, knee, elbow and ankle braces to help you. Other times, the solution can be as simple as knee wraps, back straps, or a good selection of wrist braces; regardless of the challenge, we will be there to meet it with products that your doctor can support. Joint care is one of our strong suits, and we can help you regardless of what your goal is; which sometimes is as simple as getting out on the move.
When balance and/or mobility are an issue, you have to be able to navigate the bathroom safely.  To that end, you will be able to find a number of different bath benches, seats, and stools to use in your tub and shower, along with toilet aids such as raised toilet seats and bathroom grab bars. Just about anything that you will need for shower and walls designed for your safety can be found at our place.
The ongoing care needed for diabetes can be significant and having the right tools makes is easier.  You will find both glucometers and lancets at Boston Medical Supplies, again literally everything you need to track your blood sugar and stay safe.  We make it our business to keep the brands you trust: (such as Accuchek and Freestyle) for both meters and lancets.  Our selection of diabetic socks and shoes mitigate diabetic complications and keep you moving.  Just come in and talk to our knowledgeable staff to show you all we have available.  Diabetic care is serious and we take it seriously.

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We serve : Boston, Brighton, Brookline, Newton, Needham, Dedham, Allston, Boston, Cambridge, Waltham, Lexington, Natick, Framingham, Ashland and many more.

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1577 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA, 02135

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