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A Plus Home Medical Supply

For everyday medical needs or even long-term medical needs your one-stop shop should be Let One Medical Supplies. You will find wheel chairs, back supports, braces, diabetic care supplies, bariatric beds and tones more home medical equipment. A Plus Home Medical Supply has been in business for ten years and is still going strong. You do not have to take our word for it though; you can come check it out for yourself.
Address: Dorchester Center, MA, 02124    
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Boston Medical Supplies

A Plus Home Medical Supply
You will find everything you need as far as home care medical supplies and equipment is concerned. Diabetes happens to be one of the biggest concerns into today’s world and most people find themselves unable to enjoy what they once loved because diabetes has take over. You will find only the best glucometers and lancets here at A Plus Home Medical Supply such as Accuchek and Freestyle meters not to mention a wide array of lancets.
Since diabetes leads to problems in the legs and feet you will also find a selection of diabetic socks and shoes. If you come into the store and cannot find what you are looking for do not be afraid to ask one of our staff members for help.
After people have had an injury or are getting older there becomes a problem with balance and this is most seen in the bathroom. Many people still want their independence and do not want a person watching over them. Here at A Plus Home Medical Supply you will find the independent medical home supplies you seek.
There is an assortment of slip resistant bath benches, seats and stools to make your bath tub and shower much safer to use. You will also find bathroom grab bars, toilet aids and raised toilet seats as well. Your home should be your safe haven and with our medical supplies you will find everything you need to make each room safer and more comfortable.
For some people a good bed is hard to find, especially for someone who is getting older or who has had an injury. There are many adjustable home hospital beds and adjustable bed rails to choose from that make any bed perfect for the person lying within. Sometimes a hospital mattress alone could be the fix and we have plenty of those too along with a wide selection of pressure mattresses. When it comes to beds we have the latest air flow technology, lymphadema pumps and bariatric systems.
No comfortable bed would be complete without hospital overbed tables and you can find hospital bed rails as well.
A good brace sometimes is all that is needed to knock oneliminate the pain a lot of people deal with on a regular bases. Here at A Plus Home Medical Supply‎ you can find elbow, knee, back and ankle braces in different varieties so that everyone is sure to find the perfect one for themselves.
Look for soft or hard wrist braces along with back straps and knee wraps. An injury takes a lot out of people but it does not have to keep your in pain all the time. Check into our store and look for a brace that will help with comfort and your recovery needs.
Last but certainly not least check out our mobility methods. Having an injury or becoming older should never be an excuse to not be mobile, not when our store can provide you the very best in motorized wheel chairs, wide wheelchairs power scooters, medical walkers and foldable wheelchairs. All of our mobility methods are portable, lightweight, manual and heavy duty. You can even choose to add a little style to your wheel chair by purchasing wheelchair bags in an array of different colors and styles.
Here at A Plus Home Medical Supply‎you will find all the equipment/accessories you need and desire for your at home medical needs.

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316 Talbot Avenue Dorchester Center, MA, 02124

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