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Kutrubes Travel Agency

Kutrubes Travel offers adventure travel vacations to less-traveled parts of the world-Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and more. Kutrubes Travel specializes in small group tours "off the beaten tracks" that satisfy the most curious and discriminating travelers. Come, let us show you the world! We work with the best guides in some of the most exotic countries and will offer a truly unique experience.
Address: Boston, MA, 02116    
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Website: Kutrubes Travel Agency
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Kutrubes Travel Agency
Custom Travel Services and Private Tours to the Balkans and Beyond

Kutrubes Travel as a market leader in the Balkans can offer the best customized trips to suit your needs. We can arrange any class hotel in the destinations of your choice, combine different types of transport and guides, arrange attractions that are to your interest, and cover as much of the country as you want. An independent tour offers the flexibility, the sense of adventure and the level of enjoyment that no group tour can.
Over the years Kutrubes Travel has put together trips for all types of travelers, from government officials to students. Kutrubes Travel works with you to arrange the best price possible by allowing you to choose what level of service you need, while not compromising on the quality the trip offers.
We take care of putting together transport, accommodation, food, and attractions, and give you the peace of mind that everything on the ground will be to your satisfaction. Kutrubes Travel works in partnership with top specialists to arrange a truly unique experience for you.
We can organize small group tours or individual trips of a particular theme, such as:
Historical Tours
Cultural Tours
Religious Tours
Contemporary Tours
Archeological Tours
Hiking Tours
Adventure Tours
We do our best to cover every aspect possible to make our trips special. That is why we are constantly in touch with the best service providers on the ground. In turn, this has allowed us to provide additional services for the independent traveler.
Whether your trip is arranged through us or not, we will be glad to provide these services for you:
Auto Rentals
Car with Driver
Hotels and private apartments
We offer tours to the Balkans, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, and more.
With over a century of experience in the travel industry, Kutrubes Travel works in partnership with top specialists on the ground to provide you with superb accomodations. We have vast experience in the parts of the world we travel to. Let us do all the planning and make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. Our well-seasoned, English-speaking guides are available to our clients 24 hours a day throughout the trip.
Our tour groups are small which lends itself to a more personalized experience, and we take a hands-on approach to give our clients a real feel for a country.

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328 Tremont Street Boston, MA, 02116

Website: Kutrubes Travel Agency  Kutrubes Travel offers adventure travel vacations to less-traveled parts of the world: Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania...


 *** 2 Reviews for Kutrubes Travel Agency
Bad 02/17/2012  David J. Patten    Saint Petersburg, Florida
Posted to my Visa credit card on 10 December, 2.5 months after returning from the Kutrubes Travel trip, was a charge of $268 under the name, Picasso Travel -- a fraudulent charge traceable directly to Kutrubes Travel. A police report has been filed, and pressing criminal charges for fraud are being undertaken.
Bad 01/01/2012  D.J. Patten    Saint Petersburg, Florida
Kutrubes Travel's trip was the worst in 45 years of travel and was the worst experience ever with a tour company. I was sent on a trip with absolutely no documents: no visa, no airline tickets, no itinerary, no hotel list, no contact info., etc. I sent Kutrubes Travel my passport plus 2 passport photos on 10 April. My passport was returned to me on 13 September, one day before departure, with no visa that I had already paid $185 for. An e-mail from Kutrubes on 12 September stated that, due to the visa they hadn't supplied, they were doing me a favor by making last minute itinerary changes. Airline change fees were $285 international and $200 domestic. On day one of the trip, I had to pay another $170 for the missing visa. My request for a refund of $655 was denied on letterhead stationery addressing me as an "idiot." There's been no response to two other refund requests. My rating of Kutrubes Travel: minus 5 stars.