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Hancock Animal Hospital

Hancock Animal Hospital offers state-of-the-art care for your precious family members. Dr. Wember and the hospital staff will work diligently to provide the best care for you and your pets. We truly strive to make your visit a positive experience.
Address: Milton, MA, 02171    
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Hancock Animal Hospital
      Hancock Animal Hospital offers a full line of veterinary care options. We offer comprehensive routine care with a thorough physical exam and diagnostic workup. We offer routine and specialized surgery, dental care, emergency services, X-rays and ultrasounds, full laboratory services, and care for certain Exotic Animals.
      We will offer you all the Routine Vaccinations, but will help to inform you of the risks and benefits of all treatments, including vaccinations and strive to not "over-vaccinate." We offer vaccine titers to determine the need for booster vaccinations, as well as 3-Year rabies and 3-Year distemper vaccinations (depending on the individual animal and timing of the vaccinations). We offer a complete health package and a comprehensive senior workup to accommodate your pet's needs.
Some animals have broken teeth or an abscess around the tooth root and need to have extractions (pulling out teeth). Extractions are very important if the tooth (teeth) is damaged or the dental disease has led to teeth/bone resorption. Most dogs and cats do extremely well after their dental procedure and feel much better once their teeth are cleaned and any damaged teeth removed. It is extremely important to start on proper DENTAL HOME CARE after the dental cleaning. Hancock Animal Hospital provides a dental-care kit for all patients undergoing a dental cleaning and will go over the proper use to help prevent future dental disease. 
All patients (dogs and cats) undergoing a dental cleaning will have an intravenous (IV) catheter, be on IV-fluids, Intubated and on Isoflo/Oxygen anesthesia. While under anesthesia an assistant constantly monitors their vitals and overall condition, utilizing an ECG, Pulse-Oximeter, and esophageal stethoscope.

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55 Hancock Street Milton, MA, 02171

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