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Red Rock Dental - Parisa Safaei DMD

Serving 50+ years, the practice offers quality, affordable, family dental care: general, cosmetic, pediatric, endodontic, and periodontal. It accepts various insurance plans, including MassHealth for those aged under 21, and offers financing.
Address: Swampscott, MA, 01907    
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Website: Red Rock Dental Care in Swamps
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Affordable, Quality, Family Dental Care

  With 50+ years of dentistry in Swampscott and Lynn, the dental practice sparkles its affordable, quality, family dental care:

  Quality dental care, because all dentists are graduates of BU or Harvard (one teaches there), and exceed continuing education guidelines, as do staff-we brush our minds as well as teeth! Modern equipment, top materials, quality labs are par for the dental practice.

  Family dental care, because the general & cosmetic and the pediatric dentist, plus endodontist (root canal), periodontist (implants, gum) and dental hygienists, should cover almost any dental service your family may need.

  Affordable dental care, because philosophically (i) we are preventive of dental problems and, when dentistry is needed, conservative with recommendations. That is, we explain your options, recommend a conservative solution, welcome discussion, and let you decide, never imposing procedures by fear or expertise. And because operationally (ii) we avoid expensive renovations, massages, and marketing; on the contrary, we focus on familiarity, dentistry, and referrals. Beware, to survive every dental office passes its costs, so costly overhead implies costly procedures.

  With affordable quality, why let cheap dentistry drill through your family 's health? Or quality dentistry crack your finances?

  Red Rock Dentistry
  How can quality dentistry be affordable? It can thanks to a virtuous cycle (the artistry of health): quality dentistry at low cost guarantees patients' appreciation and referrals, which in turn lower costs and incentivize quality, full cycle. Patients' and dentists' minds are at peace.

  In contrast is a vicious cycle (the dictatorship of costs): a costly dental office scars patients' finances and trust, which in turn require retention/marketing efforts and seal the practice's cost, full cycle. This usually arises when the office becomes swanky (renovations, marketing, spa) as it fills two temptations: many customers care for a swanky office; many dentists wish for one to signal quality.

  It is easy to switch from virtuous to vicious cycle - just renovate and pamper - but difficult to reverse - spoiled customers won't downgrade, indebted dentists can't discount. Accordingly, though perfectly possible, affordable quality dentistry is less common than costly swanky practice.

  Gentle Dentistry
  We treat your mind along with your teeth. If we are comprehensive for your teeth (cosmetic, pediatric, endodontic, periodontal!), so we are gentle to your mind.

  Save your family trips, traffic, and disruptions with our multi specialty practice. Arrival is gentle, whether by car (free parking), train (six-minute walk), or bus (along stops). With Swampscott Library across the street, children do homework while we treat you, or you browse while we treat the kids. While waiting, enjoy distinct music, magazines, an office laptop, and gourmet teas and coffee. Transition on time to a new dental chair, request earplugs or warm mittens, and experience affordable quality dentistry.

  Insurance Plans - Financing
  We accept all major dental insurance plans: Delta Dental, Blue Cross, Guardian, MetLife, Altus, United Healthcare, Cigna. We welcome MassHealth insurance for all children (under 21). Further, we offer financing with CareCredit, or discount with full spot payment.

  We remain committed to affordable, quality, family dental care, ready to enhance your dental health or fulfill most dental goals, general - restorative or cosmetic - aesthetic.

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Address and Phone Number
62 Burrill Street Swampscott, MA, 01907

Website: Red Rock Dental Care in Swamps  Red Rock Dental Care in Swampscott cosmetic dentist Parisa Safaei | General Restorative Pediatric Periodontal Endodontic | Quality Affordable Family

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