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Dr. Frank Puzio & Associates

 It goes without saying that there have been many adverse changes in the delivery of health care in recent years. In addition, patients must be aware of the marketing methods used by national eye care chains to attract patients, unfortunately, the emphasis in eye care has shifted to a concentration on products and an illusion of cost savings rather than on the importance of the patient and the examination of their eyes.
Address: South Dennis, MA, 02660    
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Website: Dr. Frank Puzio & Associates
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Dr. Frank Puzio & Associates
The Examination  
 Dr. Puzio is an independent primary health care provider who is trained to examine, diagnosis, treat and manage diseases and disorders of the visual system, the eye and associated structures as well as the diagnosis of related systemic conditions. In accordance with state law, Dr. Puzio prescribes, fits and dispenses ocular medications, glasses and contact lenses, providing total eye health and vision care for all ages, from infancy through old age.  
 We always provide the highest standards of eye care at the lowest possible cost.  
 Technology is the cornerstone of our practice. We have been first on Cape Cod with most computerized instrumentation.   
 We provide our patients with a personalized eyecare report at the conclusion of their examination.  
 We provide no-cost consultations for patients considering alternatives to eyeglasses… contact lenses, corneal refractive surgery and refractive surgery.  
 We have an on-site optical laboratory and optician for rapid eyewear fabrication. We have the capability to provide same day service on most prescriptions.  
 Corneal Refractive Therapy  
 This contact lens system gently shapes the front of the eye while you sleep. When you awake, you remove the lenses and eyeglasses and contact lenses are not needed during the day. In dentistry, orthodonture achieves a perfect smile. Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) safely re-shapes the cornea to achieve perfect vision. CRT corrects most corrections for nearsightedness and astigmatism.  
 CRT costs about 1/3 less than refractive surgery and is reversible. In many cases, reversibility is an asset because nearsightedness may be desirable in adult years to naturally achieve reading vision. Refractive surgery is not reversible. In addition, as a patient’s refractive status naturally changes, refractive surgery may require enhancement surgical procedures to maintain optimum vision. With CRT, the lens characteristics are simply changed.
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#38 Route 134 South Dennis, MA, 02660

Website: Dr. Frank Puzio & Associates  We offer our patients cost-effective excellence in eye care while maintaining the highest professional standards in education, techniques, philosophy


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