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75 Club

Welcome to the hidden jewel of Beacon Hill! Nestled in the historic neighborhood of cozy Beacon Hill, 75 Chestnut offers outstanding new American contemporary cuisine served in an intimate and highly personal setting.
Address: Boston, MA, 02108    
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Restaurant Bar Boston
75 Club

  Chef de Cuisine  at 75 Club in Boston, MA Scott Ryan with Corporate Chef Markus Ripperger offers a diverse menu of culinary specialties. The restaurant's elegant interior of burnished mahogany is warmed by the ambient glow of candlelight. Etchings and oils of old Beacon Hill add a touch of sophistication to this romantic restaurant and bar.
  Boston's newest DiRoNA award winner - recognizing restaurants that exemplify the highest quality standards in all aspects of the dining experience. Zagat describes 75 Chestnut as "sultry, sexy and all around fabulous".
  With so many passing fads and trends on the dining scene, it's refreshing to return to 75 Chestnut, a classic restaurant with a unique "old Boston" feel. Located just off of Charles Street, the restaurant exudes atmosphere, and is an ideal spot for a special occasion. The country clubbish environs (stately lighting fixtures, classic upholstery) give the dining room a dignified air, and while there's no dress code, most patrons dress in a manner appropriate to the gentile decor of the restaurant. A more casual setting, however, can be found in the adjoining Beacon Hill version of a neighborhood bar. With its TV and congenial vibe, the intimate bar area is a most welcoming option for solo diners or local couples looking to enjoy a quick, classic cocktail.
  75's lengthy, well-chosen wine list includes varietals from all over the globe. A pair of whites - a 2002 Chateau St. Michelle (Washington) Riesling and a 2004 Babich Sauvignon Blanc (Malborough, New Zealand) - proved easy to drink, and there's a wide assortment of after-dinner cordials (sherry, Muscat) for the discerning diner. Befitting its old-guard style, the bar serves up excellent sidecars and Manhattans.
  Truly contemporary, the ever-changing menu incorporates numerous local ingredients, and is normally a perfect reflection of the season at hand. A starter of green garlic gnocchi featuring shredded, braised rabbit and fines herbs is well-balanced and appropriately portioned to whet rather than satisfy the appetite. Autumnal carrot soup benefits from a subtle dose of nutmeg and truffle oil, giving the otherwise honey-sweet soup an element of savory. The filet of salmon, seared and perched on a medley of cremini mushrooms, asparagus spears, and pared Yukon potatoes, is accompanied by a salacious sauce of chardonnay vinaigrette with pancetta that compliments the dish without detracting from the fresh flavors of the fish it features. Rounds of slow-roasted pork tenderloin are served over a bed of full-bodied fava beans and come with a tangle of arugula greens topped with slices of sweet vidallia onions. A nicely browned herbed crust envelops the rosy and moist tenderloin meat, and temperate seasoning permits the individual character of the entree ingredients to come through. Other offerings include an elegant rack of lamb, swordfish, steaks, and an entree of local vegetables.
  The moderate portioning at 75 will leave you with room to enjoy one of several desserts. Mint marinated strawberries help dress up a new spring addition to the menu - buttermilk biscuit strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream. Vanilla creme brulee, trios of sorbets or ice cream, artisan cheeses, as well as additional seasonal desserts are also available.
  75 Chestnut's refined yet inviting ambiance, combined with the quality of food and service, makes dining there a special occasion in itself. Innovative approaches by fresh talent in the kitchen have breathed new life into this Beacon Hill landmark while the same standards of excellence have been maintained. Considering the caliber of food and the neighborhood, the menu is fairly priced. A romantic night out or an intimate dinner with family or friends are best suited to an evening at this upscale locale.- by M. Smith

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75 Chestnut Street Beacon Hill, Boston, MA, 02108

Website: 75 Club  Welcome to the hidden jewel of Beacon Hill!

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