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Kalinka International Gourmet

Kalinka, an international gourmet market, has been meeting the specialized needs of customers who are looking for quality Russian, Bulgarian or Polish food for many years. Kalinka is not your ordinary market as it sells high quality gourmet products that range from fresh-baked bread and rolls to fresh berries and vegetables. On your next food shopping trip, if you are in the neighborhood, stop by Kalinka and you will be glad you did as you will find many specialty items that you probably believed were not available North of  Boston.
Address: Lynn, MA, 01901    
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Russian Gourmet food market,bread, chocolate,ready to eat food,smoked meat and more in the North Shore area
Kalinka International Gourmet

If your are looking a unique international gourmet cuisine shopping experience, then Kalinka is worth more than a look. It is worth a special trip.
At Kalinka, you will find fresh international gourmet cuisine.
We specialize in Russian, Bulgarian, and Polish groceries that are hard to find at a traditional grocery store. 
We offer a wide range of fresh-baked white- and black Russian breads as well as other fresh-baked goods. Our wide range of groceries  includes fresh ready to eat foods  that are also economical and healthy.
We provide completely authentic Russian cuisine for our customers and while there are other markets that also offer similar cuisine our Russian cuisine is known for its authenticity as we bring Russian foods to your kitchen.
As an authentic Russian food shop, we provide such premium groceries  as fresh smoked fish, freshly baked breads and other baked goods that illustrated the authenticity of our Russian cuisine. 
We also carry a full line of specialty smoked meats and other fresh berries and produce.
We believe we are the only Russian food store North of Boston that  takes your kitchen around the world to Russia itself with the style and quality that we do.
Our line of Bulgarian and Polish traditional food rounds out our offerings of fresh gourmet foods available to you at discount prices.  We have been able to keep our costs low to offer you the best and widest selection of fresh Bulgarian  and Polish gourmet foods in the North Shore Boston area. We offer unparalleled Russian, Bulgarian or Polish local expertise.  Plan to make Kalinka, your one-stop Bulgarian or Polish food shop. We are there to meet your needs.
At Kalinka you can shop for the foods you will use for dinner or, if you are in a mood to relax, you will find a full line of ready-to-eat Russian, Bulgarian, or Polish food that is fresh and ready to go.
We offer a full line of freshly baked goods, such as Russian white and dark bread as well as ready-to-eat cold appetizers, authentic vegetable dishes, smoked fish, and other gourmet Russian, Bulgarian, or Polish cuisine. We do the cooking so you won't have to.
When it comes time for your next shopping trip, we want Kalinka to be your international gourmet grocery store. We are the grocery store with a difference, selling your favorite Russian, Bulgarian and Polish groceries that you can't find at traditional supermarkets.  We also go out of our way to ensure than not only is our food fresh, but it is also healthy cuisine that provides you with an outstanding and distinctive international selection at reasonable prices.
At Kalinka, you will find our reasonably priced fresh foods –  including berries, fruits and fresh vegetables  throughout the year – give us a leg up over the other groceries that try to be healthy, gourmet, and economical while providing the Russian, Bulgarian or Polish  cuisine you want.
Kalinka is more than an ordinary corner grocery store of specialty market. 
Easily accessed from Marblehead, Salem, Lynnfield, Saugus, Swampscott Kalinka is offers a wide variety of fresh- and smoked-fish, meats and other gourmet foods. Our customers are amazed at the quality and variety of the foods available at prices that would amaze you. To attract and  keep the kind of clientele that Kalinka is proud to call its customers, we offer genuine Russian cuisine at very affordable prices. We also offer the healthy cuisine that one would associate with a natural food store. Best of all, much of it is ready for you to take away.

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71 Exchange St. Lynn, MA, 01901

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