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Bazaar West

Bazaar West is the grocery choice for shoppers because it has taste and price appeal. Bazaar West has the largest selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries in the area. Our supermarket is well stocked with smoked meats, fish, caviar, all kinds of salads, appetizers and pickles and the freshest selection of bakery goods, pastries and cakes.
Address: Framingham, MA, 01701    
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Russian food, German food, bread,bakery,caviar,supermarket,cakes,pastries,poultry,delicacies in Framingham, MA
                                 Bazaar West

Russian food galore!
Russian food, German food and Polish food of all types are some of our specialties and there is plenty to choose from. Although some may think we are a Russian food store, because we carry so much of it, Bazaar West - a produce store in Framingham, MA  has a wonderful collection of all of the delicious old world style goodies, including, Hungarian food and also Armenian food. Russian food, and Polish food, for that matter, is a combination of hardy peasant staples and aristocratic foodstuffs that were imported from Western Europe in the 1500s through the 1700s. The integration of traditional Russian food, from peasant kitchens, healthy grains and fish, poultry, mushrooms, berries and honey with the gentry’s smoked meats pastries and green vegetables has given Russian food the distinct flavor and high reputation it has today.

You have to see it, smell it and taste it to believe it. The selection in this grocery store is unbelievable and the knowledgeable staff is incredibly helpful.

Your own European Bakery is here…
Bakery items are always available at Bazaar West a produce store in Framingham, MA. Every morning we get up early so the shelves will be jam packed with fresh bakery items. Homemade bread such as dark bread, Russian white, cakes, cookies, pastries and other nose-pleasing, mouth watering delights are baked fresh each and everyday. Whether you're looking for a German bread or Russian bakery, you'll find it all here. Just hink of us as your own European bakery.

Let them eat caviar.
Speaking of caviar, Bazaar West has a whole display case dedicated just to this Eastern European delicacy. From black caviar, beluga caviar, red caviar and sturgeon caviar, and yes, even American caviar, we’ve got it and we are conveniently located in Framingham MA: between Natick, Ashland, Wayland, Mills, Dover, Marlborough and Hopkinton.

Your supermarket of Choice.
Besides the caviar, the bakery, the grocery section, the gourmet food and the smoked fish and smoked meat, and all the other products in our grocery store, Bazaar West is also known for being a New York style produce market- a fresh store in Framingham, MA.

We have the largest selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries in the area. Even in the off season we always have a great choice of produce, bakery goods and groceries. The world really is smaller these days and all types of great tasting and extremely high quality fruits and vegetables are available from all over the globe. They can literally be on our grocery shelves and in your hands within hours of being picked and carefully packed from  a warm and sunny farm in Chile or Argentina.

Our supermarket - a fresh store in Framingham, MA is open Sunday through Saturday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

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We serve : Framingham,Ashland, Wayland, Natick, Mills, Dover, Marlborough,Hopkinton and more.

Address and Phone Number
855 Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA, 01701

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