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Custom Installation Services

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Address: South Denis, MA, 02660    
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Website: Custom Installation Services
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Custom Installation Services
  Custom Installation Services Inc. (CIS), is located in South Dennis on Cape Cod. Our service area is Southeastern Massachusetts: south of Boston, and east of Providence, including Cape Cod, and the islands of Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket.Since 1986, we have specialized in the design, installation, and service of residential electronic systems.
  At CIS, we do things the way we would want it done for ourselves, in other words, we take the time to do it right. There is no substitution for time and quality. We do it the old fashioned way, and this involves using the best materials, and taking the time to prewire, trim, and finish. Why would you want CIS to be your electronic systems contractor ? Because we are experienced, knowledgeable, prompt, courteous, clean, fair, and professional. We will work with you, or your contractor(s) to provide the custom installed home electronic systems in your home.
  We are proud to be a Founding Member of CEDIA, THX Certified, ISF Certified, HAA Certified, Lutron HomeWorks Certified, CEDIA Certified Installer Level II, and CEDIA Certified Designer Level I. The Level II Installer supervises and works on projects, interacts with others, installs, troubleshoots, calibrates and ensures that the installation meets specifications. This individual must be a CEDIA-Certified Professional Level I Installer with additional knowledge. The Certified Level I Designer is a person who communicates with clients and design and installation professionals, and selects the appropriate products and materials to design individual (non-integrated) residential systems (including alarm, telephone, cable television, satellite television, data, audio, video, home theatre, HVAC and lighting control). CEDIA Professional Certification exams are created by the industry's leading experts.

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P.O.BOX 899 South Denis, MA, 02660

Website: Custom Installation Services  All of the electronic systems that are designed and installed by CIS have been specially designed for the client


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