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Music Academy of Chelmsford

Music Academy of Chelmsford is owned and operated by Andrew and Sandy Rega of Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Both Andrew and Sandy were born and raised in Chelmsford and are products of the Chelmsford public schools. We want all of our students to enjoy lessons and music, and by keeping lessons fun and positive, students develop musically while building their self-confidence.
Address: Chelmsford, MA, 01863    
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Website: Music Academy of Chelmsford
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Music Academy of Chelmsford

Our owners:
Andrew Rega is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Music Business program. With his education, experience running a musical instrument company for 14 years, and teaching background, Andrew is pleased to share his deep love and commitment to music with his community.
Sandy Rega is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Management and Communications. She currently works as a Marketing Manager for a gourmet soup company. 
Private/Semi-Private lessons
Each of our teachers deliver the Music Academy's philosophy through well balanced instruction teaching technique and theory at students' individual levels in an fun and motivational manner.
tudies continually reveal the many benefits of playing and studying music for students of all ages…   
Some of the benefits for school-aged children:
- Improves test scores, reading skills & reasoning
- Calms hyperactive children
- Lower incidence of drug use and anti-social behavior
Some of the benefits for adults:  
- Lowers stress
- Can help connect with kids
- Stimulates the immune system, improving health
- Helps with anxiety, loneliness and depression
Musical Voyagers- Ages 3-6
Our Musical Voyagers preschool music program is a weekly group music class introducing children ages 3-6 to the world of musical instruments. During these hands-on classes, children will be exposed to and given the opportunity to play many different instruments including piano, guitar, drums, violin and many others. This program is the perfect primer and foundation for success in private lessons down the road.
Musical Travelers- Ages 5-7
Our Musical Travelers class has been developed as a bridge or transition class between preschool music programs and private lessons. Through 30 minute weekly private or semi-private (1-3 students per instructor) sessions, students will develop very basic piano techniques and music theory in a fun, positive setting while also being exposed to different instruments to keep the class exciting and interesting.
Musical Together- Infant - Kindergartner with caregiver
Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love them. During each week semester, music is learned through developmentally appropriate activities such as sharing songs, instrument play, rhythm chants, and movement that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children.
Ensemble program
Rock Ensemble
Students looking for a program to enhance their music experience and broaden their talents will love Rock Ensemble. Weekly rehearsals run throughout the year, grouping musicians together in combinations of guitar, drum, bass guitar, and vocal students. Working with a band "coach," students will develop and build upon group performance skills and techniques. Students will motivate and challenge each another, learning song construction and the important skills of improvisation and teamwork.
Musical Academy Singers- Ages 6-10
Music Academy Singers is a show choir group for 6-10 year olds. This program is perfect for children who have recently started out in voice lessons or who just love to sing but are not quite ready for private instruction. Program consists of hour-long weekly rehearsals led by a trained vocal director. Local performances will be scheduled throughout the year, giving students the chance to increase their confidence while showcasing their talents.
The combination of Music & Arts high quality brand name instruments at affordable prices and our commitment to local customer service will make your rental of a musical instrument worry-free.

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Address and Phone Number
73 Princeton Street Chelmsford, MA, 01863

Website: Music Academy of Chelmsford  Music Academy of Chelmsford is owned and operated by Andrew and Sandy Rega of Chelmsford, Massachusetts

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