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Stop-N-Go Driving Academy, LLC

Learning to drive is a very serious business, a business that we take very seriously. At Stop-N-Go Driving Academy we will work with parents to teach your teen to drive safely and in a responsible and defensive manner. We are conveniently located in Tyngsboro, MA and are ready to present to our students the quality direction how to drive that makes a difference in their lifes.
Address: Tyngsboro, MA, 01879    
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Website: Stop-N-Go Driving Academy
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Stop-N-Go Driving Academy, LLC
Serve, Educate, and Protect - We serve you...Our community, We educate you...Our students, and
We protect you... Our families.

Serving: Tyngsboro MA - Westford MA - Chelmsford MA - No. Chelmsford MA - Lowell MA 

Learning to drive is a movement to a new direction for a young person, a new step in the life. After obtaining a driver license teenagers feel the freedom which is is thrilling  This freedom is hardened by obligation and respect for the rules of the road as well as other drivers. Our diving school  is a place where teenagers and adults can learn the skills and rules required of them to be a safe, responsible, and gracious driver for years to come. 

Would you like to learn how to drive in a defensive manner?
Put yourself behind the wheel to experience individual attention and one on one driving instructions from a professional, qualified and certified Driving Instructor.
Licensed Certified Driving Instructors  who went through a very extended training program are in charge of our Driving Academy.

Why take classes in our Stop-N-Go Driving Academy?
We committed ourselves  to provide our community's youth a quality program that exceeds Registry of Motor Vehicle requirements. Our driving instructors are to an exceptional degree knowledgeable and understand all needs of today's young operator of the vehicle.
Our course of study has been planned out to cover all the important areas of safe and responsible driving and behavior on the road.. The course is tutored in a modular format. If by any chance the student misses a module he/she does not have to wait till the same class number of the next class to make up the chapter or info that they missed.
The following modules are covered in the course.
The Driving Task

Module 1- "You Are The Driver"
          Module 2- "Signs, Signals, and Roadway Markings"
          Module 3- "Basic Vehicle Control"
          Module 4- "Managing Risk"
Controlling Your Vehicle
          Module 5- "Natural Laws & Car Control"
          Module 6- "Performing Basic Vehicle Maneuvers"
          Module 7- "Negotiating Intersections"
          Module 8- "Sharing the Roadway"
Driving In Different Environments
          Module 9- "Driving In Urban Traffic"
          Module 10- "Driving In Rural Areas"
          Module 11- "Driving On Expressways"
          Module 12- "Driving In Adverse Conditions"
          Module 13- Handling Emergencies"
Being A Responsible Driver
          Module 14- "Effects of Driver Condition"
          Module 15- "Alcohol, Other Drugs, and Driving"

Classroom sections also consist a discussions of crucial issues, situations on the roads, video segments. We invite Guest Speakers to our classrooms to talk about safety and share their own driving knowledge and experience with future teenager drivers.
Our school offers commercial driving lessons  to those who do not need to meet the Driver Education requirements in order to get their license.
We realize how busy young people and adults are and we create class schedules to meet everybody's demands.
We offer both day and evening classes

Our Fee:
$415.00 includes 30 hours of classroom instruction, 6.0 hours driving instruction, and 6 hours of in vehicle observation of another student. And meets all requirements by Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle to obtain a Driver Education Certificate.
Gift Certificates Available - Make Great Holiday or Birthday Gifts

 We are Fully Licensed (MA License # PDS 327-01) and Insured


Contact here

Address and Phone Number
404 Middlesex Rd Suite 8, Tyngsboro, MA, 01879

Website: Stop-N-Go Driving Academy  We take driving seriously, and so should you. Don

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 *** 1 Review for Stop-N-Go Driving Academy, LLC
Bad 07/02/2014  Chris    Dracut, Massachusetts
DO NOT SEND YOU CHILDREN TO THIS DRIVING SCHOOL… Owner of the location is a totally disrespectful jerk! I almost got into an accident that one of his little drivers almost caused, he cut me off at a light and I almost hit them or a guardrail… I turned around and followed them to confront them and he could have cared less… I asked him, this is the way you are teaching kids to drive, and I told him I was going to go there and complain about him he told me I could complain all I want, because he was the owner… I said I almost crashed back there and he said well did you? When I replied no, he was basically like ok then.. and told the student driver to go… I bet they would have cared if my car smashed into theirs…

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