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Ben Jen Online, LLC

Ben Jen Online is a Technology Consulting firm based out of New Jersey and Boston, MA. We provide a broad range of services and solutions ranging from virtual IT support services for businesses, outsourced IT solutions for software producers, household remote technical support solutions, SEO and online marketing services, web development services, software marketing services, and e-Learning solutions.
Address: Boston, MA, 02116    
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Ben Jen Online, LLC
We have a client base spanning the United States, Canada, and in Western Europe. Our top priority is to meet the goals and needs of our customers. This is why we keep all of our staffing within the United States, to ensure that all of our customers receive the best care possible.

Our Virtual IT Support Services for businesses, software producers, and consumers is very extensive and provide a large number of solutions to those seeking support. We use state-of-the-art technology to connect our technicians with our customers. Customers can interact with technicians in a number of ways, and can always receive a free consultation before starting.

Our SEO and Online Marketing Services provide top-quality results for your Company or website needs. Our sites and webpages are indexed at the top, where customers all over the world can view our listings and results. Our results are proven and they work. Our professional marketing team can help you meet your goals and help you improve your site's global reach.

Our Web Development Services include the design and creation of small websites for small start-up firms and companies. We also extend our web development services to legal firms, financial firms, and other small companies needing precision-made sites that are attractive, professional, and to the point. Our solutions are reasonably priced and can be made to exact specifications. In addition to site development, we offer free initial hosting to customers as an added bonus to the service.

We provide Software Marketing Services to small software companies and individuals looking to launch new software or to help promote existing software. We use a variety of online marketing strategies to get the software marketed in the desired target market(s). In addition to marketing services, we can assist with distribution services, either online or physical copies. We have the capabilities to mass produce or host software for customers to download and use.

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76 Commonwealth Ave Suite 7, Boston, MA, 02116

Website: Ben Jen Online, LLC  Ben Jen Online, LLC Corporate Website


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