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Stairhoppers Movers

We're Boston's fun movers. We don't just get the job done; we have fun doing what we do best, and we want to make sure that you have fun too. First off, let's not call it "moving," that brings to mind too many negative conotations. We like to call it "hopping."
Address: Somerville, MA, 02145    
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Website: Stairhoppers Movers
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Moving services company
Stairhoppers Movers
We cover the Greater Boston area, as well as the suburbs, and we're not afraid to leave the pond. If you're hopping long distance, we will make sure your stuff gets to your new home safe and sound.

We are a full service moving company offering highly competitive rates, and variety of professional moving services.
Stairhoppers has designed a unique relocation process which meets the specific needs of each move. Stairhopper Movers takes pride in recommending service strategies and alternatives to make your move as pleasant and easy as possible, therefore reducing the pressure involved in moving and why not, make it more funny.
Every relocation we do gets unique attention and the highest quality customer service. That's the way we are and that's the way we do it!
Don´t let moving day catch you by surprise.
We know that a successful move starts with one simple call.
We take upon us the responsibility of moving your goods so you can concentrate on more important things in life.
You might think we don't look like your average moving company. We're not! The Stairhoppers will make your move a fun experience, while taking exceptional care of your belongings. We love hopping up and down your stairs with heavy boxes and sleeper sofas, so don't break your own back! Let us break ours. We love it!
You can call us at the last minute, with nothing packed, say your goodbyes to the old home and we will take it from there. Or, you can have all your belongings packed in boxes and stacked by your front door when we arrive. Either way, we'll make a point to be as gentle as pollywogs.
Stairhoppers's relocation consultants are professionals, experienced in interfacing with all levels of moving and addressing the client's questions and concerns throughout the move.
Their prime responsibility is to provide comprehensive move management.
This includes in-house estimates; anticipating and planning for any special needs
which may arise; and ensuring the most efficient moves at the lowest possible price.
Moves within a 100 mile radius are considered local moves with the time based upon an hourly rate. There are NO extra charges for things like extra stairs or elevators. Stairhoppers provides professional movers, the right size modern truck for your move, and all the necessary loading equipment to properly transport your items within your area. Our trucks are pre-stocked with equipment and tools needed especially to meet our qualifications for your moving needs. This equipment is used to move your furniture safely and efficiently.
Stairhopper's owns all standard apparatus and supplies necessary to perform moves safely and efficiently.
The following list identifies items that are readily available for all of our moves.
Tool Kits
Tape Gun Dispensers
Paper Pads
Strap Kit
We will wrap your furniture pieces with furniture pads, shrink wrap your couch before we even begin to move it out of the living room, and even help you disassemble and reassemble your bed frames. If you need help packing, Stairhoppers can have experienced packers help you pack just the fragile items or the entire house.

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18 Morton Street # 1 Somerville, MA, 02145

Website: Stairhoppers Movers  We are a full service moving company offering highly competitive rates, and variety of professional moving services

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