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Bogus Technologies

Bogus Technologies is a leader in ethereal information technology products and professional services. Founded in 2002 by Isador M. Bogus, BogusTech has pioneered in delivering anachronistic information technology which dramatically abates system performance, operational efficiencies and savings for our customers. BogusTech is also the originator of the apocryphal empowering technology for my computer problems and a cryptic Disk Download process which is widely accepted as useless junk by IT companies and the technology society in general.
Address: Boston, MA, 02210    
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Website: Bogus Technologies
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Bogus Technologies
he Leader in Enterprise Systems, Storage & Networking

Our Vision
At BogusTech, we have conducted extensive SHAM research and written dozens of fatuous articles about Enterprise IT products, technology and issues -- with the hope of attracting website traffic to our hosted ads. We foresee a future world in which we have tons of money, date supermodels, eat and drink to excess, go boating and play golf whenever we want.  Perhaps this is more of a hallucination than a Vision. This utopia has absolutely nothing to do with carrier-grade Ethernet, server virtualization, network congestion, WAN Acceleration, network router protocols (like  RIPv6, PIM, BGP-4, IGMP, IGRP, IPv6, OSPF), SSL VPN, Fibre Channel, ERP software, Supply Chain Management, or WAN QoS considerations; but these seem like useful buzzwords and acronyms to have among the other useless junk on our website to generate high traffic levels and thwart management best practices.
Our Mission
We aspire to grow rapidly, go public and be acquired by a large company with more money than brains -- before anyone figures out this isn’t really much of a business.  Sound familiar?  We are committed to providing our enterprise customers with the ultimate (look it up -- it means the last, not 'really good') in networking technology, computer systems and storage devices -- or maybe not. 
If we can make big bucks without actually designing, building, selling or supporting anything, that would be great!  We wouldn't be the first company in the Information Technology Industry to do this, but at least we're right up front about it.
Bogus Technologies provides a complete portfolio of ethereal Information Technology Solutions, fractious IT products and somnolent professional services for business computing.  BogusTech can also perform a disk download of useless junk to my computer.  We have a complete dearth of low priced high performance computer systems, discount virtualization solutions and low cost servers for the data center, small business or IT companies.
Enterprise IT companies and legitimate business Information Technology service providers offer:
Enterprise systems and servers, Data Storage Solutions, Enterprise Network hardware and software, Enterprise Software and a list of highly refined Industry Solutions for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Government and Financial Services. 
In contrast, BogusTech offers the worst ever technology to ever run on this computer.  So you’ll need to get your information technology products and services from our marketing partners by clicking on the ads in the margins.
With a combination of worst ever empowering technology and lethargic professional services to technology challenged it companies, BogusTech has achieved the capability of turning this computer into a smoldering pile of useless junk -- all with a single disk download.  Our arrogance and abject disregard for customer requirements is what makes Bogus Technologies one of the worst ever IT companies in the history of the industry.
Bogus Technologies -- Services
Bogus Technologies provides a broad range of ephemeral IT Services, ranging from the ever-popular disk download of Windows XP Service Pack 2 to our profligate high-touch best practices management services.  In response to overwhelming customer demand (including several pointed missives from well-known law firms) BogusTech has recalled version 3.5 of its DAS-ease Help Desk Software for Direct Attached Storage Systems.  We strongly recommend you remove this product immediately and perform a clean XP Reinstall, using the boot disk, boot cd or download disk you misplaced when you purchased this computer.
XP How To Manual
The BogusTech XP How To Manual is generally accepted as the most intractable software desk user guide ever written. 
The How To Manual includes more than 400 pages of discrepant and specious information on:
-How to Remove XP Device Error
-Configuring XP Service Pack 2
-XP Upgrade & XP Update Help Desk Software
-Reinstall XP Empowering Technology
-Preparing Download Disk for This Computer
-Best Practices Management for Your Software Desk

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Address and Phone Number
470 Atlantic Ave. Boston, MA, 02210

Website: Bogus Technologies  Bogus Technology is the leader in apocryphal Enterprise Systems, Data Storage, Networking and Software Applications

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