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A Resume For Today

A Resume For Today is a leading provider of technology executive resumes and career services. We focus exclusively on technology resumes, including resumes for CIOs, IT managers, project managers, and biotechnology professionals. Our expertise in executive resume writing will help slash your time-to-hire. You will get your next job (a lot) sooner and won't have to pay the opportunity cost of job searching with a weak, unfocused resume.
Address: Concord, MA, 01060    
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Website: A Resume For Today
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A Resume For Today
A Resume For Today’s distinctive, brand-driven resumes generate buzz and catalyze hiring authorities to call You!
We leverage intelligence and creativity to write resumes that in effect "pre-sell you" for your target position. To survive and thrive amidst the stiff competition in global high tech and other technology job markets, partner with us to:
– Rethink, reenergize, rejuvenate your Authentic Personal Brand
– Distill your complex career into a simple, clear, potent value proposition
– Identify your candidate differentiators & value-add credentials
– Enable a 10-second grasp of who you are & why you must be interviewed
– Write charismatic technology executive resumes that convey, convince, compete
Our executive, career-branded resumes bear little resemblance to the products of large resume mills. Our personalized process is different too. Together we unearth and build your personal brand into a high-impact executive resume that serves as a blueprint for your job search, networking, and interviewing. Our unique high-end design and content will differentiate you from your competition. And our attention to strategy ensures that your resume successfully aims at your target position.
Our high tech executive clients are innovators, influencers, and impact players across the globe. They drive change at the leading edge of their fields. If you want to partner with a specialist in your field who also works at the frontier of emerging best practices in executive resume writing, contact Jean. She is passionate about enabling each client to develop and leverage a unique, clear, highly marketable personal brand to help advance his or her career.
Why do I need a professional resume writer?
First, technology executive resumes need to be highly effective marketing documents, designed to attract interest amidst a flood of other executive resumes. Expert writing, design and career marketing skills focusing on the issues critical in the high tech, biotech, pharmceutical and healthcare industries are required to create a strong executive resume. Second, most of us don't see ourselves and our strengths objectively. A professional can reflect back to you positive images of yourself and your career that you hadn't clearly seen. Third, it is essential to have your resume written and formatted to be compatible with the job search method(s) you are selecting.
So - check to see that the professional resume writer you choose is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and a Personal Branding Strategist. Select someone who specializes in your position and field. You will want someone skilled enough to identify the key points in your character and background and who can position you for the job you want, whether it is a complete change of direction or an advancement within your current career. Choose someone who is easy to work with, listens carefully to you, and understands what you say.

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. Concord, MA, 01060

Website: A Resume For Today  A Resume For Today is a leading provider of technology executive resumes and career services.


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