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The Original Résumé

You will not find more competitive prices for more complete services anywhere! The Economy has changed, and this refreshing approach for the Job Seeker and Hiring Company eliminates the excuse for not getting a job or not finding a new employee. We have eliminated the expensive costs associated with this process and streamlined the process.
Address: Chelmsford, MA, 01824    
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The Original Résumé
For the Job Seeker
The objective of this aspect of our company Career Services Express is to provide the necessary resume writing and career services for every individual to have the ability to obtain a job! The price structure through Career Express is extremly aggressive through the automation process and input by the Job Seeker.
For the Hiring Company
Very agressive price structures for Human Resources services including: Internet Job Posting at $50 for 90 days and full Recruiting Services at 5% and less are available for every requirement for the company employee selection for entry-level to Chief Executive Officer level. Complete Outplacement Services
are from $28.50 a month.
In The opinion of The Original Résumé Company, there is no excuse for not finding a job today if the appropriate résumé is created and the appropriate job search process is put into place. Without the knowledge and experience, plan on taking 3 to 6 months to understand how to find a job and get your talents
exposed to the marketplace. We reduce that time to 5 to 10 business and within your budget, that is the bottom line.
The Career Express is offered to the individual that requires the basic job hunting service to obtain a position with absolute minimum expense. This puts the job search process at your pace with all the tools to find a new job. We make you your own Recruiter! Special price packages have been arranged for selected individual employment level categories depending on the typical level of experience in the job market, specific requirements, current employment situation and career objective.
We want to emphasize that we offer career services for the budget conscious individual where the absolute minimum expense in the job search is required. We offer full and more extensive résumé writing, recruiting and career services guidance through our full services at our office locations, via the fax and
telephone. If an individual requires more extensive job search advice and services and résumé writing contact one of our offices at The Original Résumé Company. A professional résumé marketing company providing job seeker assistance and recruiting since 1988.
Job Seeker Services
- Resume Writing
- Resume Evaluation
- Resume Creation
- Resume Distribution
- Resume Marketing
- Resume on Disk
- Resume Internet Posting
- Personal Cover Letter Creation
- Cover Letter Templates on Disk
Career Advice
- Career Counseling
- Career Evaluation
- Outplacement Services

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Address and Phone Number
296 Chelmsford Street Suite 2, Chelmsford, MA, 01824

Website: The Original Résumé  You will not find more competitive prices for more complete services anywhere!


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