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Grade A Hypnosis

Comedy Hypnosis Shows for highly interesting events for your audience. Events for schools, colleges, fairs, private parties, campgrounds, corporate events and more! Hire a professional for a guaranteed awesome time! Make your event unforgettable with non-stop laughter!
Address: Worcester, MA, 01610    
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Website: Grade A Hypnosis
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Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis, professional entertainer in Worcester, MA
Grade A Hypnosis
Michael Grady, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist
Master Stage Hypnotist
Grade A Hypnosis brings you high quality Comedy Hypnosis Shows that will amaze and satisfy any audience. With anyone in the audience being able to become hypnotized, this puts the volunteers on center stage as their imagination becomes their reality!
Professional Comedy Hypnosis Stage Shows For:
High Schools
Corporate Events
Post Prom/Grad Parties
Private Gatherings
Comedy Clubs
+ Grade A Hypnosis Shows are completely clean fun and for all age audiences, where no one is left embarrassed.
+ Performances are insured up to $2,000,000.00 for safety's sake.
+ A Professional Hypnotherapist handling your volunteers where they are completely safe.
+ A sound system can always provided at no extra cost.
Michael Grady is The  Master Stage Hypnotist  taking audiences on wild  adventures of the mind. This show is only limited to the volunteer's own individual, untapped imagination that is unlocked with hypnosis providing the most random, unforgettable comedy you will ever  see!
We will make your event successful! Tailoring to our clients needs, we do what it takes to make your event exceed all expectations. "Smooth transactions and great communication" is what you will experience.
The length of show will be adjusted to your individual need. With show times from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours we will make the perfect fit for your occasion.
Feel at ease, your hiring a professional entertainer. While this show brings together an interactive, crowd involved experience, Michael leaves your audience Entertained , Educated , and Enlightened as he takes the "stars of the show" to a heightened awareness of their imagination to the point that it becomes their complete reality!
You and your audience will be able to witness the amazing, limitless powers of the human mind as it overcomes pain and feats of strength that will bring them from the edge of their seat, to the tips of their feet in total astonishment! The theme of this Comedy Hypnosis Show is without a doubt - comedy for any age.
No two shows are ever the same! Every show has different volunteers and different reactions as well as different planned skits and routines. When you book your show, you can also request your own custom routines!
This safe, top quality and interactive show is GUARANTEED to exceed you and your crowd's expectations of this truly exciting night. Michael is a professional hypnotist that has a deep passion for performance and hypnotic entertainment. Book your date, and you will be very glad you did! 

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Address and Phone Number
86 A Vernon St. Worcester, MA, 01610

Website: Grade A Hypnosis  Comedy Hypnosis Shows for highly interesting events for your audience. Shows for schools, colleges, fairs, private parties, campgrounds, and more!

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