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Any Design Monogram Embroidery Inc

  Our goal is to help you promote your business to your customers, assist you in rewarding key customers, promoting special events, recognizing outstanding employees or simply providing you with a means to convey a professional image to your customers. All we need is artwork which can be relayed to us by email, fax, snail mail, or in person. Corporate Logo embroidery is one of our specialties.
Address: Melrose, MA, 02176    
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Website: Any Design Monogram Embroidery
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Any Design Monogram Embroidery Inc.
  We offers you a one-stop shop for all your embroidery, digitizing, screen printing and promotional product needs. Whether you are a private club, professional association, small business, school, sports team or large corporation, we can promote your name, emblem or logo on a variety of wearable items such as T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Caps, Warm-Up Gear, Jackets as well an imprinting on our non-wearable promotional products.
  We specialize in custom in-house digitizing.
  Digitizing is a process where we take your artwork or graphic file and use it as a template for creating the computer machine files that run our embroidery machines. We are one of the few embroidery shops that actually do this work in house and do not use a third party for digitizing. That way you can have complete control over the final product by being able to tell us how you want your art to look in stitches. This is a one-time process so it will not be necessary for repeat orders. If you already have camera-ready artwork you can email it to us for review and estimate to create embroidery from that. All we need is a file in windows format of the form: yourlogo.jpg; yourlogo.tif; yourlogo.bmp OR for Graphic Artists any vector art that can be opened in CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator version 9.0 for Windows.
  Create your own logo or choose from thousands of stock designs and numerous lettering fonts.
  Embroidery Limitation Examples:
  Fabrics - Heavy woven sweaters do not emroider well, and fine details or small lettering on corduroy fade into fabric.
  Design Size - For the left chest, the design should be no more than 4 inches in width or it runs into the under arm area.
  Lettering Size - Most lettering cannot be embroidered less than 3/16 in size.
  Placement - Letters or designs on pockets do not lend themselves to embroidery since there is no way to use the pocket after the design has been sewn in.
  Our experienced staff will work hard to insure you have a quality product at a reasonable price and delivered on time to meet your specific needs.

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535 Franklin Street Melrose, MA, 02176

Website: Any Design Monogram Embroidery  Considering buying bulk embroidery in Asia - Embroidery & Digitizing


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