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Central Square Inbound

 Central Square  inbound marketing solutions for small and medium size businesses. We offer personal service - not marketing software.  Rather, we use a variety of tools to build and manage your web marketing program - and/or teach you how to manage it yourself.
Address: Cambridge, MA, 02139    
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Website: Central Sq. Inbound
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Central Square Inbound

Ready to harness the marketing power of the Web?  Get in the social media and search engine optimization game with our $299 starter solution - or custom build one to your needs.
About Us
We are marketing professionals, bloggers, and degree-holding management experts dedicated to providing predictable, affordable, and effective web marketing to small and medium size businesses.  We focus on inbound marketing - using social media and Search Engine Optimization to drive growth in your business.
These packages are designed to get you up and running fast and at a predictable cost.  Perfect for restaurants, musicians, retail stores, and service providers - there’s a package for almost everybody.  If you need a more customized solution, all you have to do is ask!
package details the teaser $299 the jumpoff $799
the arrival    $1799
talent at work $159/hour or  $1,100/10hours
For those who just want to test the waters: we give you your own Web Marketing Diagnostic, and set you up with a blog, a Twitter account, Google Analytics, and our Inbound Marketing Crash Course.
If you know you need web marketing, and want to get off on the right foot.  You get everything listed above, plus five hours of consulting to use as you choose: for help with analytics, finding “your people” on the web, even writing those first Twitter and blog posts. 
We’ll help you build your program over time, and if you need to build a website, we have expert web designers at our fingertips.
Already have a site and/or blog?
Our S.E.O. & Strategy Consultation can help you take it to the next level with an in-depth statistical analysis of your traffic and keyword data, and your marketing strategy. We’ll recommend changes to increase click-through at every step in the sales funnel, and help you design products and other conversion opportunities that make the most of your web presence. Includes written report & Powerpoint slideshow. Just like a big-company consulting engagement, but at a small business price.shapeimage_8_link_0
When your web marketing program is going great and you want to pour on the juice - but don’t want to hire a full- or part-time web marketer, we’ve got you covered with experienced specialist consultants who will work with you individually or in your own personalized team.
Inbound Marketing
What is inbound marketing, exactly?  It’s a lot of things, but perhaps the best definition is anything that brings customers to you by giving them what they are looking for rather than interrupting what they’re doing.
People try to avoid traditional advertising, but they seek out inbound marketing.  An ad on T.V. or before a video interrupts you.  In contrast, a Google search result gives you what you’re looking for, and is an example of inbound marketing.
In fact, getting into the top 10 Google search results is the primary goal of inbound marketing, and getting there takes experience, talent, and cutting-edge tools.
Proven Effective
To get a sense of the power of inbound marketing, take a look at this study (right) by Cambridge-based  Restaurants A and B have similar websites - except that only Restaurant A has a blog...and 14 times more traffic.


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Address and Phone Number
187 putnam ave. Cambridge, MA, 02139

Website: Central Sq. Inbound  Inbound marketing for your business


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