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Litle & Co. LLC

Litle & Co was founded in 2001 by payment and direct marketing industry leaders and is lead by direct marketing pioneer Thomas J (“Tim”) Litle. Litle & Co. is the only independent payment processing company focused exclusively on direct marketers. Our solutions are tailored to merchants’ individual needs, without any hidden fees or arbitrary charges, and based on a philosophy of “truth in pricing” and “truth in reporting.”
Address: Lowell, MA, 01851    
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Website: Litle & Co. LLC
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Litle & Co. LLC
Payment Management

Litle & Co was started under the premise that there are often ways to improve a direct marketer’s or merchants revenues and profits through better payment management.
Since our inception we have been committed to a strategy that includes three key elements:
-We serve only Direct Commerce merchants (i.e. catalogers, direct marketers, e-tailers, DRTV and other ‘non-face-to-face’ merchants)
-We have established a technological edge over our competition through the application of leading-edge technology
-We provide the highest possible quality of service to our customers.
This philosophy and focus allowed Litle & Co to start processing transaction less than a year after it was founded.
This remarkable accomplishment was due to creating a team of system designers and developers who have both deep knowledge of the latest technology and extensive experience building high-volume transaction processing systems.
The combination of new technology with a fresh approach on payment processing systems development, resulted in a next generation payment processor that simultaneously provides more services to Direct Commerce Merchants while reducing their maintenance costs and giving them more flexibility and options.
Finally and most importantly we have created a culture that has a commitment to maintain the best customer service in the industry through innovative reporting and monitoring tailored to the special needs of Direct Commerce Merchants.
Some of the many accomplishments that can be traced back to Litle & Co are the following:
-Over ten years, they built two of the industry’s largest payment processors, Direct Marketing Guarantee Trust (DMGT) and the original Litle & Co. Combined, these two companies processed over 65% of all non face-to-face transactions in the United States, representing over $100 billion in sales.
-Created the concept/technology for installment based billing allowing for the now infamous NordicTrak™ product and campaign.
-Designed and operated the first registered card program now know as Rewards Network™ (formerly iDine™/Transmedia).
-Helped develop the Carrier Route Presort system with the US Post Office
Payment Solutions
Using state-of-the-art technology, Litle & Co. boasts the newest generation of payment processing systems.
Our solution will help increase your revenue by reducing declined authorizations and eliminating customer frustration.
Some of our key revenue-enhancing functionality includes:
-Specializing in Card Not Present Transactions
-Automatic authorization repair
-Dynamic Settlement™
-Validation of customer’s special status (students, seniors, etc.)
-Gift cards and loyalty programs
-Enhanced fraud screening
-Customer verification
From the onset, Litle & Co. develops payment processing solutions around obtaining the best possible rates from the networks.
With interchange optimization you will have fewer native downgrades than competitive processors. When downgrades are encountered, Litle & Co. will employ sophisticated and transparent remedial processes to “upgrade” the transaction wherever possible.
To avoid any conflicts of interest, Litle & Co. employs simple cost-plus pricing. You pay us a per-transaction fee, and you actually see how much you paid the Visa and MasterCard networks on every transaction.
No games, and robust reporting to back it up.

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Address and Phone Number
900 Chelmsford St Tower One, Lowell, MA, 01851

Website: Litle & Co. LLC  Litle & Co. is the only independent payment processing company focused exclusively on direct marketers.


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