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Greenleaf Associates, Inc.

Greenleaf Associates, Inc was founded in 1987 as an independent market research firm specializing in the evaluation of new products and services. While Greenleaf Associates serves clients nationwide and overseas, company headquarters are in Weston, MA, just west of Boston.
Address: Weston, MA, 02493    
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Website: Greenleaf Associates, Inc.
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Greenleaf Associates, Inc.

The establishment of Greenleaf Associates was a natural outgrowth of market research consulting that Greenleaf's founder and president, Marcia Trook, provided to her early clients. Some of the initial Greenleaf Associates' clients were Simon & Schuster, Walt Disney, and Field Publications.
Approaches and Services
Qualitative Research
Greenleaf Associates custom designs a qualitative research technique directed to the business at hand. Greenleaf Associates utilizes a variety of qualitative techniques such as focus groups, mini-groups, and in-depth interviews.
Greenleaf Associates custom designs all qualitative research instruments, manages the recruitment, conducts, analyzes, and reports findings and implications of the research.
Quantitative Research
Greenleaf Associates has extensive experience designing, conducting, and analyzing quantitative research studies.
Greenleaf Associates custom designs the method to best fit the marketing channel of the product or service.
Greenleaf Associates designs and implements mail, phone, electronic, mall and/or conference in-person data collection techniques based on the client's needs. Again, the company designs all instruments, manages field and tab processes, and conducts all analyses.
Areas of Specialization 
Greenleaf Associates has considerable experience in the publishing arena, including but not limited to, new product development and product evaluation in:
Educational publishing
Textbook series
Business reference products
Professional Newsletters
Professional Magazines
Industry-specific professional services
Magazine editorial and design
Fiction/non-fiction concept and product development
Electronic Media
Greenleaf Associates has worked with numerous clients on the most effective way to reach target markets with Electronic Media, in such areas as:
Electronic publishing, including Internet services and Web page design
CD-ROM product design and development
Educational and edu-tainment video products
Screen design
Web site evaluation
Internet access preferences
Online shopping
Direct Mail and Continuity Programs
Greenleaf Associates has designed and conducted market research studies to guide product development and offer structure for direct-mail marketing and continuity programs, including:
Children's video programs
Inspirational and self-help books
History collections
Hobbies: Craft kits, card collections, cookbook collections
Children's and family-fun game/toy products
Consumer and Professional Trends
In addition to research used to guide specific product and service development, Greenleaf Associates has conducted research and consulted on trends in consumer and the professional services area. This type of exploratory research has assisted clients in developing broad hypotheses about and strategies for the future in areas such as:
Conventional and alternative medical care
Technology in the work place
Professional resource preferences
Customer satisfaction
Challenging Target Markets
Greenleaf Associates studies often include market segments that can be difficult to reach and/or difficult to talk to. We have developed recruiting and interviewing techniques that have made these more challenging respondents comfortable and receptive to our questions, with positive, productive results. For example:
Business Executives: Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, VPs of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Environmental, Safety and Health Management
Health-related: Medical Facility Managers, Nurses, Nursing Supervisors
Children and Educators
Classroom Teachers
Curriculum Specialists/Directors
Education Technology Directors
Religious Education Directors and Teachers
Children, ages 3-16
Children, teens, low-income populations, sufferers of chronic as well as life threatening illnesses, populations at risk (such as people battling depression, uncontrollable anger, unwed mothers, recovering alcoholics, etc.), and Senior Citizens.

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Address and Phone Number
470 Boston Post Road Weston, MA, 02493

Website: Greenleaf Associates, Inc.  Greenleaf Associatesis an independent market research firm specializing in the evaluation of new products and services

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