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Masteragency USA -Discount Telecom Services

Discount long distance, telecommunications services, low, cheap rates ! Prepaid, Rechargeable Phone cards, instant PINs or Pinless! Cheap, easy, convenient way to make long distance calls nationwide or worldwide! Call from ANY phone in US and Canada or overseas! 24/7 customer service! Many plans!
Address: Boston, MA, 02111    
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Masteragency USA -Discount Telecom Services
Looking for low long distance rates, calling cards, wireless phones, DSL, T1, TOLL-FREE NUMBERS, VOIP ? We've got them all - for less, Cheap!

·   Offering quality prepaid and post-paid, switched, dial-around and dedicated calling plans for domestic and international long distance to places in the Americas, West and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia !
·   Also Specializing in lower cost calling plans to the former USSR countries:
 Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Uzbekistan, etc.
·   Bi-lingual 7/24 Customer Service !
·   Phone Card is an easy, inexpensive way to make long distance calls nationwide or worldwide -
from ANY phone: HOME, MOBILE, WORK, PAY-PHONE, or even from your or computer !
·    Prepaid / RECHARGEABLE International Calling Card-like Service !
·    Get PIN INSTANTLY by phone or e-mail and CALL RIGHT AWAY from the comfort of your Home, Office,
Hotel, Airport, cellular phone - most anywhere!
·   Even from abroad: Our International roaming quality Service is accessible from over 50 countries worldwide !
·   Card for use from USA and Canada. Cheapest calls to international phone destinations!
·    No maintenance charges, No connection fees, No expiration date, No contracts or any hidden charges ! ·   You can add up to 6 phone lines under the same account and make PIN-free calls from all your registered
phone lines! Add more lines later !
·   Your international phone cards can be recharged within seconds over the internet or over the phone!
·   We accept all major credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, cash,
or - fund your account via the internet, all by yourself ! 
 ·   No need to change your long distance company. You can use our Pre-paid PIN service from your existing phone lines, or even if you do not have ANY phone line / number at all! No contracts to sign!
·    PIN Free Dialing : Simply provide up to 6 numbers from where you will be making the calls, dial our toll-free
 or a local access number, listen to your account balance and enter the destination phone number!
·     Or, Dial Using Your PIN : We will also provide you with a CUSTOMIZABLE, EASY-TO-MEMORIZE
PIN number
in case you want to use your phone card while traveling, from pay phones, friend's house,
hotel rooms or even if you are on a military mission abroad!
·    CLEAN: NO Fees, No Connection Fees & No Maintenance Fees; Excellent Quality & Services !

·   PLUS, FREE online access ! 
You've got full and complete control over your account:
·  view, print, save all your call details for up to the last 3 [three!] years !
·  add funds or update, add / delete your credit / debit card information !

·   Please note: the BEST plans are NOT always posted online!
·   Please, CALL or e-mail us for the BEST options for You !

Call us now for a free consultation at 617-323-8005 or 888-214-2444 [toll-free]

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Address and Phone Number
75 Street Boston, MA, 02111

Website: DISCOUNT TELECOM MASTERAGENCY  Discount long distance, telecommunications services, low, cheap rates !


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