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David B. Carroll, P.C.

 Our future goal at David B Carroll, PC, is to integrate our service into the loan origination process making it possible for the borrowers to track the progress of their loan every step. The evolution of this technology will not only make it a painless experience for the borrowers to refinance or obtain a new loan, but the step-by-step process will allow both lenders and borrowers to monitor the status of their loan file from the time the application is filled out until the loan is funded!
Address: Plainville, MA, 02762    
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Website: David B. Carroll, P.C.
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David B. Carroll, P.C.
 Our Company
David B. Carroll, P.C., is one of New England`s most innovative title and escrow services available. Our central office, located in Foxboro, Massachusetts, handles most of the title search, insurance, and loan scheduling, while our vast network of closing agents handle the rest-the actual closing-wherever and whenever it is convenient for the borrower. With our in-home closings, we bring a new experience to borrowers who expect professional service from national lenders.  
 Since we have strong ties with the largest title insurers in the county, our network is the most comprehensive for providing this service. Because of these ties, we can service smaller businesses just as well as bigger clients. If you have a thousand loans to close or just a few, give us a call for guaranteed professional service!  
 The Future  
 Our facility will enable the lender to communicate virtually directly with the borrower - the most important customer of all!  
 Introducing the In-Home Closing Service  
 Give your customers a professional mortgage closing in the comfort of their own home or office. Customers pay a lower fee for a faster closing. Our discounted fee also works for “no closing cost” programs. Finally, a great idea that costs less!  
 More Convenience  
 In today’s world, every minute counts. You request the time and place most convenient for you, and we'll be there to close.  
 Lower Cost  
 Stop paying add-on costs. Our one settlement fee is always the same and covers all costs except title insurance. We take the guesswork out of your closing cost calculations and provide savings of up to 25% off conventional closing fees.  
 Fast and Experienced  
 Thousands of satisfied customers appreciate our in-home service. Loan originators prefer our fast response to title orders, our consistent attention to special requests, and dedication to make every closing quick and convenient.  
 State-of-the-Art Services  
 At David B. Carroll, P.C., we know that, to stay ahead, we must stay on top of the latest technology. We are fast-moving to Internet access of files and shared networks with our larger customers. And, with an eye for how loans are closed nationwide, we believe in-home closings are a customer’s preference. Our systems and service commitment successfully meet this market need.  
 Working for You  
 Our team of processing and closing professionals is eager to discuss your service needs. Custom service packages and pricing for lenders are available. Call for details.
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30 Man - Mar, Drive Suite 6 Plainville, MA, 02762

Website: David B. Carroll, P.C.  We offer HouseCalls/In-home closings, mobile notary service, title searches, and more.


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