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Bank of Canton

 As you may be able to see, this site is designed to create the best experience possible for our customers using some of the latest technology available. We`ve detected that the browser you`re using may not support some of this technology. You will be able to do a search and obtain results for mortgage loan information using this feature, but we can't guarantee it will look pretty.
Address: Canton, MA, 02021    
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Website: Bank of Canton
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Bank of Canton
 Bank of Canton
We are a financial institution providing full banking services to its customers. All deposits are insured by FDIC and DIF.  
 The bank is governed by a group of at least 25 corporators who elect the Board of Directors. The Directors meet at least quarterly, and functions through its Executive Committee, which meets at least monthly and serves as an executive and a loan committee. The bank is managed by its officers, consisting of a President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and such other officers as are necessary for the management of its business.  
 All officers are elected by the Directors. The institution is subject to strict requirements of both federal and state laws and regulations. The bank has no stockholders. Depositors have no voting rights.  
 Products to Suit your Needs  
 The Bank of Canton has a wide variety of mortgage products tailored to meet your needs whether you're purchasing, refinancing, or building a home. We work with you to find you the right mortgage program to fit your circumstances. We offer easy to understand explanations of each program available and a Regional Lending Manager is always just a call or email away.  
 Free Pre-approvals  
 We offer free pre-approvals, so you can shop for your mortgage knowing that you can afford the home.  
 On-line Rate Watch Service  
 Let us watch the rates for you! Sign up for our free rate watch service and we will keep you up-to-date on the mortgage rates you choose. If you prefer, we will just email you when rates reach your target. Simply go to the Rate Quote page of our site and complete the information on the type of product you are looking for and click go. Then click on the magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner to enroll.  
 Personal Assistance  
 Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, you will find our service amazing. We offer you the convenience of on-line application with the service of individual representatives. You can always call or email our mortgage professionals to ask questions or for advice.  
 Our Financial Advisor, Brian Allsop, will meet with you to privately talk about your investment situation. He will work with you to develop a solid investment approach and keep it on track.  
 Whether you are saving for the future or a specific purchase like a wedding or business opportunity, Brian can create a plan for you. He can also help you if you are receiving an inheritance and would like guidance on where to best invest the funds. He can help you with:  
 Investment Strategies  
 Asset Allocation  
 Tax-Advantaged Investing  
 Net Worth  
 Insurance Needs  
 Estate Planning  
 To schedule a comprehensive review of your financial situation and your individual needs, call or email us today for a free, no obligation consultation.
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Address and Phone Number
557 Washington Street Canton, MA, 02021

Website: Bank of Canton  Commercial Banking products with unlimited growth potential including real estate loans, lines of credit, and more.

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