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Hammarlund Law Office

 At Hammarlund Law Office, we believe that the decision to retain counsel should be made without financial pressure, located on the Island of MarthaÒs Vineyard, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the firm provides representation in four main areas of the law: Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Civil Litigation and Mediation Services, Business, Corporate, and Nonprofit Law,Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning.
Address: Vineyard Haven, MA, 02568    
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Website: Hammarlund Law Office
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Hammarlund Law Office
 Public Service
During the initial meeting with a new client, we discuss your needs and goals. We then explain the process of representation, and explore various potential options. Whether or not you choose to have us represent you, the initial meeting is free of charge. We are committed to serving the community.  We live here, and want to ensure the island retains its unique character in the years to come.  
 Erik Hammarlund serves on the West Tisbury Planning Board, and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Island Children's School.  He also serves as a volunteer mediator for the Island Mediation Program.  
 Affordable Housing  
 At Hammarlund Law Office, we believe that affordable housing is an important and necessary part of the Martha`s Vineyard community, and we want to do our part.  We are pleased to offer significantly reduced rates to income-eligible purchasers of affordable housing.  Please contact us for specifics.  
 Firm Philosophy  
 At Hammarlund Law Office, we treat our clients as we would want to be treated.  
 Honesty. We are scrupulously honest with our clients in all of our dealings.  We follow all ethical guidelines, perform rigorous conflict checks, and advise our clients accordingly.  In the unusual event that we cannot represent a client, or that a client requires specialized services which we cannot provide, we will inform the client and suggest alternate counsel.  
 Confidentiality.  We treat all client information as we treat our own: with the utmost privacy and discretion.  We advise our clients on the best practices to avoid unwanted public disclosure of information.  We will never share your information without your permission.  
 Flexibility.  We define our success by the degree to which our results match our client`s goals.  Representation is a matter personal to each client; there is no "one size fits all" approach.  Whether you are seeking aggressive representation to defend a criminal charge, or quiet counsel during a friendly mediation proceeding, we will tailor our approach to fit your needs.
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10 State Road Vineyard Haven, MA, 02568

Website: Hammarlund Law Office  Hammarlund Law Office offers representation in all Massachusetts courts, for both plaintiffs and defendants.


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