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Greenpark Mortgage

 Based in Needham, Massachusetts, Greenpark Mortgage Corporation truly offers "a fresh approach to home financing", our collective knowledge, experience and contacts have made the dream of home ownership a reality for thousands of people. We`ve developed a wide variety of programs to meet the unique needs of almost any homebuyer. And, unlike traditional lending institutions, we give you personalized service. Our dedicated team of professionals concentrates on your loan from application to closing.
Address: Needham, MA, 02494    
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Website: Greenpark Mortgage
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Greenpark Mortgage
Paul Gershkowitz brings two decades of dedicated mortgage industry experience to Greenpark Mortgage. His skill at developing strategic alliances has provided homebuyers and homeowners with a wider range of purchase and refinance options. Prior to Greenpark, Paul in 1991 co-founded the largest privately-held mortgage company in New England with over 500 employees. The company was licensed in 42 states before being sold to a Fortune 500 company. "It`s my goal to make it easier for all buyers to purchase the home of their dreams. Our high level of service and expertise streamlines the process."  
 What is Prequalification?  
 A loan pre-qualification is a basic method of discussing financing options with a prospective homebuyer. It usually consists of a phone conversation between a mortgage consultant and a borrower. The consultant relies on verbal answers from the client and asks for little or no documentation to verify the validity of the information discussed. The mortgage consultant will then usually send a prequalification letter to the client. This letter is not a commitment to lend and is usually not valuable to a realtor or broker when presenting an offer to purchase.  
 What is Preapproval?  
 After discussing the results of your prequalification, you will probably want to continue on to the next step preapproval. This can be based upon verified information and, upon completion, will allow you to shop with the equivalent of a check in hand. This puts you in a better position to make the winning offer on the home of your dreams and means you`re one step closer to the completion of the mortgage application process.  
 Your Source for Reverse Mortgages  
 Reverse mortgages allow for access to otherwise frozen home equity. Available funds help seniors improve their quality of life and provide a financial cushion for unforeseen expenses and emergencies. Medical bills, in-home care, private-pay assisted living and long-term care insurance are common expenses to consider for a reverse mortgage. In addition, home modifications and annuities allow for seniors to extend their home stay and their independence.
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140 Gould Street Needham, MA, 02494

Website: Greenpark Mortgage  Trust us for the loan you need, the rate you want, and the personalized service you deserve.


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