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Melvin Pharmacy

At Melvin Pharmacy in Brighton, you can expect the best service and all the products you need to put your health first. Not only can you buy prescription drugs, but our huge selection of natural vitamins and supplements, will take care of your health needs. We specialize in the management of chronic conditions, accept most insurance and Medicaid, and offer free pick up and delivery, so come ask a pharmacist today.
Address: Brighton, MA, 02135    
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Melvin Pharmacy
  Melvin Pharmacy is more than just another drug store, we are your partners in health. Our friendly staff of consultant and compounding retail pharmacists will not only prepare your Rx drugs, but will also take the time to understand your situation.  We specialize in the management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, HIV, and chronic pain, and will help you understand your treatments. To buy prescription drugs can be complicated - understanding your insurance plan can be difficult - but we accept most insurance plans and Medicaid.  All you have to do is ask a pharmacist and our staff will help you understand your coverage.  We want you to look your best as well as feel your best, and carry the same name-brand makeup and hygiene products as cosmetics stores.
  When it comes to natural vitamins, stores and pharmacies often have just a few major brands on their shelves.  We know that these additions to a normal diet and medication regimen can help you feel your best and stay in good health.  We are proud to offer a selection comparable to the best health vitamin stores, in the everyday economical price ranges you'd find at discount vitamin stores.  Our trained professional staff members are knowledgeable about the interaction of these natural remedies with your prescription drugs, and would be happy to provide you with advice and expertise that you wouldn't find in other vitamin supplement stores.
  We are also your one stop for herbal, natural, and health supplements, which can be an important - and even delicious - part of your health and nutritional regimen.  With as wide a selection of herbal products and vitamins as other specialty herbal health supplement stores and shops, it won't be hard for you to believe you're getting the best brands available, and at an affordable price.  Our special herbs store section within our pharmacy offers everything you need for herbal tea and ingredients as well as organic vitamins.  If you're using natural remedies for the first time or need help understanding herbs and how to use them safely and effectively, our staff is always there to help. We want you to get the most out of nature's bounty.  You'll wonder why you ever went to a specialty herb shop, when everything you need is at Melvin Pharmacy!
  Diabetes is one of our specialties, and we promise you'll find the highest quality name-brand diabetic products around.  We have the latest technology in glucometers and other diabetes products, and our staff can help you learn to use them.
  We don't just take care of your health, we help you take care of your life.  We carry plenty of household products and stationery items.  If you need hair products, greeting cards, and baby products, buying them couldn't be easier - just stop by the Melvin Pharmacy you now and trust.  You'll even find the latest Apteka album in our music section!  At Melvin Pharmacy, we believe our store isn't just a place to buy Rx drugs, but a place that can help make your life a little easier.  For our medication orders we offer co-pay assistance and free bill services, as well as free pick up and delivery.  We also have complimentary copy and fax available. Come down to Brighton and find out what it's like to get the best pharmacy service around!

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We serve : Brighton, Boston, Brookline, Newton, Needham, Dedham, Allston, Cambridge, Waltham, Watertown and more

Address and Phone Number
1558 Commonwealth Avenue Brighton, MA, 02135

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