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Central Pharmacy

Central Pharmacy Boston is one of the leading pharmacies in the United States of America.  We are a reputable pharmacy, from which you can buy prescription drugs, safely.  If you are searching for natural vitamins and supplements as to feel healthier, you are sure to find a wide selection.  If you are looking for a remedy for your chronic conditions, our pharmacy is just the right place from where you can buy all your prescribed drugs from.  We accept most insurances and Medicaid.  We also offer home delivery facilities, serve nursing homes, adult daycares, rest houses and clinics.  So come and ask a pharmacist as to obtain more information about our reliable Pharmacy.
Address: Allston, MA, 02134    
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RX drugs, pharmacists, pharmacy,prescriptions, vitamins,diabetic products,glucometers,hair products in the Boston area.
Central Pharmacy

Central Pharmacy Boston is one of the finest drug stores you can turn to for all your health problems.  Our consultant and compounding retail pharmacists can provide you with high quality service and can prepare all your Rx drugs.  We can provide you with personalized patient care for all your chronic health problems. Our high standards of safety and service can make it easier for you to buy prescription drugs.  We accept most insurance plans and Medicaid. Come and ask a pharmacist to give you free health insurance quotes. Central Pharmacy Boston provides, home deliveries. We serve nursing homes, adult daycares, rest houses and clinics. Apart from prescribed drugs, vitamins and supplements, we have also taught to provide you with a wide range of beauty and hygiene products.  So come and visit one of our cosmetics stores.
In our stores, you can find natural vitamins made from natural sources. Central Pharmacy Boston is the right place where you can find the major brands of natural vitamins, as to improve your health.  We are the best health vitamin stores. We take great care in selecting the best for our clients. If you come in our stores, you are going to save money because you can find a good selection of vitamins at discounted prices.  In our vitamin supplement stores, you are sure to find answers to your every question in mind.  Our trained and professional staff can provide you with all source of information you would like to know about natural vitamins and supplements.
Herbal, Natural and Health Supplements, have an important role in assisting the body to repair damaged cells, boost your immune system and to protect you against many health problems.  This is all proven by new research in this field. In our herbal health supplement stores and shops, you are sure to find a good selection of herbal products and vitamins.  Our professional team can advice you on how herbal alternative medicine can help you. Our herbs store section within our pharmacy, is an ideal place where you can find many varieties and blends of herbal tea and ingredients.  Herbal teas have many health properties and they taste wonderful. You can also find organic vitamins of the highest quality. Central Pharmacy Boston guarantees, that you are going to be completely satisfied with each product you buy.
We also try our best to help people suffering from Diabetes lead healthier and better lives. We cater the top brand quality diabetic products.  Having a blood sugar monitoring device is very important as to give you instant feedback about your blood sugar level.  We have top brand glucometers to help you in your daily monitoring. Our staff can surely give you very good advice on our vast range of diabetes products.
At Central Pharmacy Boston, you do not just find Rx drugs to buy. We are a great place where you can find many household products, stationery items, hair products, greeting cards and baby products.  We also have a music section where you can find, the latest albums, like Apteka album. Just stop by the Russian pharmacy for all your daily needs. With all the services we provide to our esteemed clients, we are proud to be one of the most reputable and reliable pharmacies.

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We serve : Allston, Boston, Brighton, Cambridge, Newton, Needham, Dedham, Waltham, Somerville and more North and South of Boston

Address and Phone Number
1304 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, MA, 02134

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