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Dr. Robert Jackson

Allergist Dr. Robert Jackson's D C office is convenienly located in West Roxbury. Are you tiered of your allergy?? Traditional treatment methods do not help? Would you like to enjoy life? If so, contact allergist in Boston and he will bring your health back.
Address: West Roxbury, MA, 02132    
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Dr. Robert Jackson

It is now understood that much chronic disease is due in great part to toxic materials which interfere with or block normal physiological function; screening for toxic metals and chemicals may save your life. My mission is to tell my story and provide a badly needed service.
I assess toxic and nutritional status, create detoxification programs based on the avoidance of exposure, changing unhealthy lifestyle practices, the healing power of whole foods, natural detoxifying nutrients and cutting edge bioenergetic healing techniques.
Strongly influenced and impressed by my chiropractor, it was natural for me to pursue a career as a drugless healer. I entered professional school in September of 1972 traveling all the way to St Louis to attend Logan College of Chiropractic.Thus began my formal education in nutrition and alternative methods of healing. By staying in school through the summers, I was able to graduate in three years near the top of the class and pass the national board with A's.
That was 29 years ago. In addition to gaining experience with patients, I continued to focus on nutrition in readings and formal seminars. Alternative forms of healing were also a primary focus.
My current opinion about the causes of ill health or unwellness centers around nutritional deficiencies and the toxic and hormonal effects of heavy metals, chemicals, parasites and poor food choices. Genetic weakness plays a role in some cases.
A new patient receives a consultation where health history, eating habits and overall patient environment is ascertained including any emotional concerns and a physical assessment of current nutritional and toxic status and the status of organs and communication between organs and other organs and or other body structures using cutting edge bioenergetic and bioresonance techniques.
The patient will then receive environmental and nutritional advice and a treatment schedule for pain and or system imbalances or weaknesses.
I do not treat disease. I identify weaknesses in lifestyle and weak body systems and privide advice and methods to strengthen these weaknesses in order that the body may achieve a greater state of wellness
The questions asked and advice given is based on the following conception of health and wellness:
Life is the overlap of the External and Internal Environment:The interplay between what exists outside us with how our bodies function inside.
I define the External Environment as everything we interact with including the five senses: food, air water, metals, chemicals, microbes and physical, emotional or psychological trauma. Nowadays we must include noise, radiation and electro-magnetic fields. Physical location including dwelling, job choice(including location and environment), and the things we use and surround ourselves with is all included.
The Internal Environment consists of our genetics, age, emotions, psychological state, thoughts, gender, nutrient storage and toxic load(metals, chemicals, microbes).

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2101 Centre St. West Roxbury, MA, 02132

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