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Stillmotion Studio

Whether it's transferring family videos to DVD,creating a Montage, or Personal/Family History, Stillmotion Studio has the technology and experience to capture and preserve your life's most important moments. To get your project started, or for a free estimate/consultation, please contact us
Address: Merrimac, MA, 01860    
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Website: Stillmotion Studio
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Stillmotion Studio
Melody Silveira
Preserving Memories

About us:
Herculano and Melody Silveira are the Owners and Executive producers of Stillmotion Studio. Both Herc and Melody are committed to using the wonders of technology to bring your memories to life.
Herculano has been toting/carting either a Video camera and or a Still camera around with him for as long as I have known him (which has been over 20 years) Our lives have definitely been “captured”. We are used to Herc’s favorite mantra “Wait I have to get the camera!”
We are very thankful to have these “precious moments” and not so precious moments recorded, but what to do with the boxes upon boxes of Videos and Photos?
-Besides cataloging and storing them-
Then the DVD is born!
The DVD!!
Along with Herculano’s love of learning and entrepreneurial spirit, Stillmotion Studio is born!
Whether it’s transferring family videos to DVD, creating a Photo Montage, or Personal/Family History, Stillmotion Studio has the technology, experience and passion to preserve your life’s most important moments.
Just in case you are wondering "Where is Herc", Herculano prefers to be behind the camera.
Members: Port City Women’s Group & Downtown Women’s Club Graduate of Future Media Concepts
Video Tape Transfers
All videotape formats, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8, and MiniDV. All straight videotape professional transfers include a menu page, cleaning out dead spots and blue screens.
For an additional cost, we can add “chapter points” and transform your home movies to a professional DVD. The chapter points add ease, just like a Hollywood movie; just watch one particular chapter, or the complete DVD.
We take your old Reel to Reel film; 8mm and or Super 8 transfer the film to a “source tape” for you to keep, and then capture and professionally transfer your precious home movies to a High Quality, long lasting DVD.
For an additional cost we can add the music of your choice to your silent 8mm film.
Photo Montage
Choose your photos and or slides and your music, we put it all together adding motion to your photos, captions and a special opening /closing page utilizing your own words.
Scholarship DVDS
Anyone aspiring to obtain sports or even cultural (acting, arts etc.) scholarship money will have to send a highlight DVD to the school coaches and teachers. Stillmotion Studio will take various clips from different sources and tie them together into one special clip. Multiple copies then can be burned for you to send to the schools of your choice.
Personal Histories
Done in an interview setting usually in the person’s own home. A Personal History brings a Family Tree to life. By telling our stories now, we allow future generations to discover their ancestors’ personalities, experiences and wisdom. Preserving memories is a must for those who want to keep their Family Histories alive.
Transfer your audio tapes, whether it be music or other special memories to CD. We can also transfer your music LP’s to CD.

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Address and Phone Number
Main St. Merrimac, MA, 01860

Website: Stillmotion Studio  Stillmotion Studio has the technology and experience to capture and preserve your life

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