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Boston Pedorthic

  Boston Pedorthic uses a customized approach for each patient, combining high tech solutions with old world orthopedic skill and knowledge. Using shoes, custom foot orthotics, modifications to shoes, and custom shoes as tools of the trade, each patient gets an individualized footwear plan that supports their lifestyle.
Address: Brighton, MA, 02135    
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Website: Boston Pedorthic
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Boston Pedorthic
  Knowledgeable and experienced staff; qualified to provide prescription footwear
  Provider for Medicare, Tufts Health Plan, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
  Facility Accreditation by the Board for Certification in Pedorthics (BCP)
  Member, Pedorthic Footwear Association (PFA)
  Committed to protecting the confidentiality of our patients' medical information, according to the Privacy Regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
  Custom foot orthotics deliver biomechanical and accommodative support to:
  Help the foot function better
  Help absorb and distribute shock
  Help provide relief from pain and daily stress
  Help benefit total body alignment and postural complaints
  Help protect the foot from injury
  Patients tell us that the orthotics we make for them are better than others they have worn previously. Boston Pedorthic orthotics are:
  Precision milled, not molded
  Modeled by skilled and knowledgeable pedorthists
  Made of EVA with a specific density chosen for the weight and biomechanical requirements of the individual patient
  Fitted precisely into your shoes for better overall orthotic results
  Covered with high-grade top cover material for comfort, function and durability
  Fully adjustable
  Manufactured on-site
  Backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  The pedorthist uses computer-aided design (CAD) to model the foot orthosis directly on a 3D image of the foot. The advanced software environment provides more control and precision than the traditional plaster modeling technique for making foot orthoses.
  A computer-aided manufacturing process (CAM) routs out excess material, leaving the negative impression of the orthosis, made to a precise specification determined by the software model.
  The orthotic is covered by hand with a high-quality top cover, and trimmed to fit precisely into the shoe. It is an adjustable device, amenable to changes the patient may require for increased comfort or performance.
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1929 Commonwealth Avenue Brighton, MA, 02135

Website: Boston Pedorthic  Boston Pedorthic is dedicated to improving foot function, comfort and performance, using shoes, modifications to shoes and custom foot orthotics.


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