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Natural Body Works

At Natural Body Works, we offer a wide array of treatments and services, from the ultimate in spa relaxation, to the most invigorating deep tissue and sports massage, to fascinating and mind-opening energy treatments and workshops. When Your Health And Well-Being Matter... Natural Body Works.
Address: Kingston, MA, 02364    
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Website: Natural Body Works
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Natural Body Works
Massage, Day Spa & Healing Center

Our Mission Statement:
Body, Mind, Energy, Spirit -We strive to Heal.
We seek to Ease.
We aim to Balance.
We aspire to Restore.
Our therapists have an average of 8 years of professional body work experience.
They take the time to speak to you about whatever you are feeling in your body to best assess your needs and establish an approach to the treatment, which will most benefit you. This assessment time is never taken away from your treatment time. An hour massage is a full hour on the table. Moreover, we never charge extra for deep tissue massage as opposed to relaxation massage. All our massages and energy work treatments are priced by the time spent in actual treatment – not by the methods used.
Our Muscular Therapists are all highly trained professionals, each having graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA. MTI is one of the top three massage schools in the country. This course of studies is 900 hours long – well above the 500-hour national average and legal requirement for massage therapists. Our Muscular Therapists have been trained to see the “why” behind tension, pain and symptoms in the body – to find the pattern that is creating the symptoms and to help eliminate the cause, always knowing that one of the main keys to releasing discomfort is through relaxation. Our Muscular Therapy treatments are as relaxing and comforting as they are effective at releasing muscle tension/pain and renewing to the whole body.
Our Spa Treatments are given by experienced, professional massage therapists, not by skin care specialists as is common in many spas. Your Spa Treatment will always be a “bodywork treatment” given by highly trained therapists and geared towards your body’s individual pattern of tension and your particular needs.
Our Energy Healers are truly masters of their craft. With two Reiki Masters, multiple Reiki Practitioners, Reflexology, CranioSacral & Somato Emotional Release Therapies, Crystal Therapy and Holistic Workshop, we have lots of wonderful healing energy flowing at Natural Body Works. People often remark that they can feel the healing energy and relaxation as soon as they walk in the door.
Natural Body Works is the only practice in our area which accepts children as clients. We feel that kids can benefit tremendously from Reiki, Reflexology and CranioSacral Therapies in particular. Many children with issues such as ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Anxiety, OCD, etc., can benefit from these relaxing and balancing treatments.
Additionally, young athletes may avoid developing muscular tension holding patterns and chronic injuries with the early intervention of Energy Work and Sports Massage to injured areas. Children under eighteen years of age are always accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when visiting NBW for treatment. High school athletes who are injured are offered a discount on treatment at NBW.
Our Holistic Workshops are fascinating, exciting and mind opening, fun and educational. We believe that there is always something new to learn to help us through our everyday lives and assist us on our journey toward greater health, happiness and prosperity.
Modalities Practiced
Therapeutic Massages
Muscular Therapy
Kriya Massage
Sports Massage
Injury Rehabilitation
Myofascial Release
Neuromuscular Massage Pregnancy Massage
Stone Massage
Energy Work
Integrated Energy Therapy
Holistic Massage
Spa Treatments
Herbal Mini-Facial/Massage
Herbal Body Wrap
Body Polish/Salt Glow
Seaweed Body Mask
Seasonal Spa Package
Ear Candling
Energy/Body Work Combinations
Raindrop Technique
CranioSacral and Somato Emotional Release Therapies
Yoga Instruction for Beginner

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Address and Phone Number
161 Summer St. Kingston, MA, 02364

Website: Natural Body Works  At Natural Body Works, we offer a wide array of treatments and services

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 *** 2 Reviews for Natural Body Works
Excellent 03/19/2009  Leo    Marshfield, Massachusetts
Great massage! I feel great and will be back!
Excellent 03/19/2009  Gwen Landers    Kingston, Massachusetts
Natural Body Works is a wonderful place. I have had masasge, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and hypnosis there. They are very knowledgable and caring. My therapists have helped me so much with many of my pain and anxiety issues. My results have been better than with any medicine I have tried also. I highly recomend Natural Body Works!

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