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BodiScience Holistc Day Spa

BodiScience Holistc Day Spa is located in Beverly, MA. Dawn Tardif is a founder of this spa and her mission is to share our secrets of how to nourish your mind and body with taking time to experience personalized treatments, which are an investment in your well-being.
Address: Beverly, MA, 01915    
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Website: BodiScience Holistc Day Spa
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BodiScience Holistc Day Spa
Where Beauty is Health Made Visible

At BodiScience Holistc Day Spa we not only share with you knowledge of how to take care of your skin, body and health, we share with you the knowledge of how to nurture your “individual” body based on the wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine with discovering your dosha and identifying personalized biorhythm based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Place your body in our knowledgeable hands for the exceptional service you deserve! This is our passion.
About our techniques and methods
We bring to you 30 years of advanced knowledge of spa treatments that are based on ancient philosophies blended with state-of-the-art technology! We utilize Chromatherapy (colored light therapy), Lymphatic Stimulation and Vibrational Therapy to reveal superior results.
Our Services:
Journey into deep relaxation with improved circulation and detoxification in a treatment that is based on Chinese herbal medicine.
These facial treatments are individually customized based on your month, day and year of birth. We utilize a Chinese Biorhythm chart along with our expertise and your input, to create a treatment that will address your concerns. These facials include therapeutic techniques that will address dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines and loss of tone, acne, balance of oils, sun damage and sensitive skin. We recommend this treatment for men and women of all ages.
Whether you are visiting with us to experience your first facial, a man that is concerned with aging or shaving, a woman who would like to relax, a young lady with hormonal acne, a young man with breakouts or a bride preparing for her wedding day... this facial is customized to meet your expectations.
Biorhythm Face Treatment
Energetic Face Kur
Above & Beyond Signature Facial
BodiScience Facial & Breast Treatment
Young Adult Face Treatment
5 Clay Balancing Face Kur
Spiritual Face Kur
Seasonal Face Treatment
Acne Clearing Treatment
Acne Face Kur
Pre or Post Surgical Face Treatments
Advanced Facial Services
Chroma-Lift™ Face Kur
Specialty Eye Lift Treatment
Body Treatments
“Head-to-Toe” Face and Body Treatment
Body Envelopment
Body Contouring Kur
Soothing Back Treatment
Body Bronzing
Aromatherapy Body Treatment
Anti-Stress Kur
Pregnancy Body Treatment
Advanced Face & Body Treatments
Ahbyanga & Shirodhara: Experience a unique rhythmic oil body treatment based on Ayurvedic philosophy. You begin by completing a brief questionnaire to determine your “dosha” (your body constitution). A warm herbalized sesame oil is massaged into your body from your scalp down to your toes by two practitioners, simultaneously. You are then cocooned to experience an ancient technique of a continuous fine stream of warm sesame oil over the acupressure points of your forehead. This treatment is often referred to as a four-handed body treatment.
Customized Hand and Nail Treatments
Customized Foot Treatments
Customized Waxing Services
Experience superior make-up that taps into dramatic anti-aging benefits of Idebenone and additional skin perfecting ingredients to provide unparalleled protection with natural benefits.
Skin doesn’t just look better, it is better!
BodiBliss Full Day Experience
Couples Treatment

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Address and Phone Number
100 Cummings Center Suite 150F, Beverly, MA, 01915

Website: BodiScience Holistc Day Spa  BodiScience Holistc Day Spa is located in Beverly, MA.

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