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Keegan`s Jewelers

We have been serving the public for over 50 years. At Keegan's Jewelers we strive to offer quality, service and an honest value that is unsurpassed. Keegan's has always been a family run business. When you visit us you will be greeted by faces that will become familiar to you as your relationship with us as your family jeweler grows.

Address: Falmouth, MA, 02540    
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Website: Keegan's Jewelers
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Keegan's Jewelers
We welcome you to visit our 2 locations
 Norwood and Falmouth

Keegan's Jewelers was founded in Norwood in 1951 by George Keegan, based simply on the idea of providing the best possible prices & service. He opened his second store in Falmouth in 1972 while maintaining the highest level of quality in his merchandise. George's aim was to build a satisfied and repeat customer base.
George's sons now carry on the tradition of the family jewelry store. Sean owns and operates the store in Norwood and Patrick runs the Falmouth store.
Keegan's continues to provide their customers with excellent service doing all the repairs on site with three jewelers on the premises.
Come visit us in our new state of the art store in Norwood and our Falmouth store and browse our large selection of fine jewelry. You'll love our relaxed atmosphere and personalized service.
Keegan's Jewelers takes special care when handling and repairing your jewelry. We only use expert diamond setters and jewelry repairmen on site.  We fix your jewelry as fast as possible so you are not without your valuables more than necessary. Come in for a free estimate for you next jewelry repair
Keegan's Jewelers is fully qualified to appraise all of your jewelry for insurance purposes.  Our experience and integrity insure you of an accurate and correct evaluation based on current prices.
An appraisal can be performed on a loose diamond, a mounted stone, watches, or jewelry.  If the stone is not loose, the physical properties are estimated using various estimation techniques.  Most importantly, an appraisal indicates the dollar value of the piece under consideration.
Custom Design
Our staff of experienced jewelers can custom design a piece of jewelry to your specifications. Bring in your ideas and we will work with you to custom make a unique piece just for you.
We offer a full line of Pulsar and Citizen watches.

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1135 Washington St. Norwood 205 Worcester Court, Falmouth, MA, 02540

Website: Keegan's Jewelers  At Keegan's Jewelers we strive to offer quality, service and an honest value that is unsurpassed.

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 *** 1 Review for Keegan`s Jewelers
Bad 01/10/2010  El    Norfolk, Massachusetts
I went in to keegans with some antique rings and gold around christmas they were busy and I was asked to come back after holidays because there was interest in my jewelry. I noticed that there are two ways they handle customers, the ones coming in the door to purchase will get attention right away and the ones trying to sell jewelry get put on the side, My concern is the way they handle the customer whether buying or selling jewelry we are all customers,I was told to come back that they were interested and I was left to stand for 15 minutes as they tried to help other customers, they are so disorganized I actually watched one woman come in stand there and was never acknowledged after 3 minutes she just walked out After they looked at the jewelry and weighed it out ,they did not give me a price,I did tell them I was going to a gold purchaser in Islington center to compare ( there is nothing wrong with being a smart consumer and gettign comparable prices in thhis tough economy and I was being honest with him) ,he told me to go there first get a price then come back to keegans for their price, so I went to Islington but that place was closed so I went back to Keegan's,same situation occurred no acknowledgment waitied for 15 minutes while regular retail customers are pounced on for sales ( they acted like they were your best friend to potential sales customers), then finally mentioned to a sales rep behind register that I am going to be here all afternoon before someone takes an interest in me, then the fellow comes out from behind the glass that I spoke to earlier, he said " did you get a price from the gold purchaser in Islington and what was his price?" I told him it was not my job to name the price for the victorian rings and gold ,plus the place was closed,he then says to me "You are wasting my time, I don't have time to play games,and you see all these people here" so I guess if you are not there to purchase something you get treated like a second class citizen and even get to be spoken to rudely by owner,I think there are more reputable jewelers in area that understand all aspects of customers selling and buying and how to be of service and respectful of that customer no matter what they are there for, Obviously I thought I was dealing with someone who was knowledgable in that field, if I were you I would run in the other direction ,terrible service and just plain RUDE!

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