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Goldsmith Co.

Jewelry store in Brookline - We pride ourselves on our extensive collection of jewelry and diamonds. We carry only quality merchandise, we are proud of our custom jewelry design,repair and customer service and hope you will enjoy our selection of diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, and diamond rings.We also repair and restore watches and jewelry items.
Address: Brookline, MA, 02446    
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10% on jewelry
15% on jewelry and wath repairs
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Coupon expires 09/10/22

Goldsmith Co.- Jewelry store in Brookline
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Goldsmith Co.
Jewelry Store in Brookline

This year Goldsmith Co. celebrates 15 year Business anniversary and 30 years of experience in jewelry making and design

No matter what you are looking for - a unique heirloom which you’ll probably pass on to your descendants or just a gift for a friend, jewelry is an ideal expression of devotion to your loved ones, and we at

Goldsmith Co. fully understand its importance.
This is why we are committed to provide you with a first class service and bring you all the benefits of our decades of experience.
We offer an expert restoration and repair of your treasured heirloom jewelry, as well as custom design in the antique style, and engagement rings and wedding bands in gold or platinum.
We’d love to help you at your earliest convenience
Personal attention and exceptional service are the hallmarks of what we do
Looking forward to hear from you!
Our products and services
First time you step into the store you fell in love with large selection of gemstones and art glass. We have amazing collection of amber jewelry         “ Baltic Sea treasure” which is the largest in Boston area, along with Italian coral, freshwater and South  sea pearls, American, Indian and Middle East turquoise, Russian charoite, agate, malachite and many other gems you going to enjoy. We offer you engagement rings and wedding bands in modern design, art deco and antique styles.
Some things never go out of fashion and diamonds are one of them. At our store you can find all variety of diamonds starting from classic to fancy  colored ones, which will give you almost everything other gemstones do, plus diamonds.

When you are thinking about bridal jewelry, think about Goldsmith Co.

We are always ready to help you make your engagement ring or wedding band in gold or platinum as unique as you would like it to be so you can keep your memories alive.
Great selection of sterling silver jewelry from all over the world impresses and you can be sure that it is one of a kind in the area.
We also sell and repair major brand names in watches and jewelry, that you will immediately recognize and trust, including Rolex, Movado, ESQ etc.
Expert services we offer include:
Watch repair
Custom jewelry design
Fine jewelry repair, restringing
Restoration of antique  jewelry
We also buy unwanted jewelry
Free layaway

For more information please do not hesitate contact us, we are always here in the heart of Brookline and ready to serve you!

“Amber room” collection at Goldsmith Co
Amber is a golden gem, known through the ages. Baltic amber is the fossilized resin or sap from pine trees which formed a huge forest 40-60 million years ago at the present location of the Baltic Sea. This lightest of organic gems sometimes has inclusions of entrapped flora, fauna, and insects and provides a connections with our past
Stone Age sun worshippers, early Greeks and Romans believed that wearing amber kept one healthy and young.
Goldsmith Co offers you a large selection of amber jewelry from European artists.



Our Services
Service is as important as the products, we offer custom designs. Expertise in designing and handcrafting one-of-a-kind creations.
Jewelry and watch repair services. Providing consultation and estimates at no charge. Complimentary cleaning and inspection of jewelry.
Appraisals A complete appraisal service with Certified Gemologist Appraisers to handle all your appraisal needs.
Store associates. Professional, knowledgeable and caring staff that has earned many gemological and horological certifications.
Bridal registry. Bridal Registry Consultants and complete Bridal Services.
Estate department. We discreetly provide immediate cash payment for unwanted diamonds, jewelry, watches and collectibles.
Trade in allowance. Trade in allowance on diamonds, jewelry and watches towards any of our fine products.
We carry Art Glass items
Other services. We provide expert hand or machine engraving. Gift wrapping in our famous red box at no charge. Worldwide delivery via U.P.S., Federal Express and U.S.Postal Service.

We have in stock  "Movado" and "ESQ-SWISS", all other mentioned brands can be ordered with significant discounts:



We are known throughout the industry and are honored by our loyal clientele. We are proud of our quality merchandise and customer service.

Our Jewelry Store in Brookline is waiting for you!

Contact here

10% on jewelry
15% on jewelry and wath repairs
You can Print  the coupon to get discount
Coupon expires 09/10/22
Address and Phone Number
1386-B Beacon St. Brookline, MA, 02446

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