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Ararat Jewelers

Certified and fine diamonds sapphires rubies emeralds pearls Insurance Appraisal services custom platinum and gold designs repairs,engagement rings, guaranteed Boston Jeweler Ararat Jewelers 333 Washington St suite 230 Boston MA 14 kt 18 kt 24 kt gold
Address: Boston, MA, 02108    
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Website: Boston Ararat Jewelers
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Ararat Jewelers

Ararat Jewelers is located in the heart of Boston’s jewelry district at 333 Washington Street.
Prior to establishing their wholesale and retail store in Boston in 1985, the Ararat team’s roots started 30 years ago at the world-renowned Grand Bizarre, the flourishing market in the center of Istanbul.
 For the past 30 years, the team has been manufacturing for wholesalers and retailers, building trust and integrity in the industry. Their passion for excellence and creativity has propelled them to distinctive acclaim.
Certified and fine diamonds wholesale prices Custom gold and platinum settings, guaranteed repairs Appraisal and Insurance services
Boston fine jewelry sapphires emeralds rubies pearls .
Ararat takes great pride in each piece of jewelry that is designed and holds the highest standards. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and drives the creative excellence exhibited in each custom platinum piece.
Each piece of fine jewelry is hand-crafted, reflecting your unique design, while encompassing your true style and personality
Our Signature Pieces
Ararat Jewelers travels the world, in search of the finest diamonds and other rare, exquisite gems. Whether it is our collection of South Sea pearls, golden pearls, canary diamonds, color change sapphires, or untreated stones, Ararat brings these certified gems to you, ensuring your signature piece represents the finest, most exquisite, one-of-a-kind heirloom.
Hand-crafted, custom designs are an expression of your personality, style and preferences.
Ararat offers you a unique design experience - you quickly discover that the serene atmosphere and conversation style lend themselves to a perfect balance. Ararat guides you through the design process, spending the necessary time educating and listening to your needs. Ararat talks to you about what you want, and translates these concepts into a design. And through this exchange, you will quickly establish a feel for the Ararat style, gaining the trust necessary for Ararat to design your one-of-a-kind, signature piece. The result is a beautifully crafted, hallmark piece of jewelry, which will carry a lifetime of special sentiment.
Share the Ararat experience, like the many customers who have come to trust us for nearly 30 years. .
Come visit us and see how we differ from the rest!!

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333 Washington St. suite 230, Boston, MA, 02108

Website: Boston Ararat Jewelers  Diamonds Custom designs, Platinum and gold settings, Repairs, Fine gems

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