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Wireless Retail Group

  Wireless Retail Group is one of the largest mobile phone, accessory, and prepaid pin distributors in North America. We provide you with a vast portfolio of products and services to meet all your wireless needs. Please view our services page to explore what we have to offer. We have a proven track record backed by our existing customer’s satisfaction and continuously growing customer base.
Address: Peabody, MA, 01960    
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Website: Wireless Retail Group
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Wireless Retail Group
  Wireless Retail Group is operated by a focused and competent staff led by a senior management of long-term industry professionals. The team's main focus is on performance and customer satisfaction through continuous support starting at point of sale and flowing throughout the entire distribution process. Customer retention and referrals prove our commitment to satisfaction. Our goal is to help your company grow and we achieve this through our leveraged position in the marketplace and our strategic partnerships with OEM manufactures, carriers, trusted distributors, large scale retail chains, dealers, as well as a growing number of MVNO’s.  
 We aim to ease the challenges of today’s growing complexity of doing business in the mobile phone industry by providing superior logistical services and choice products to our ever increasing list of customers. Our highly trained staff, award winning sales team, and state of the art warehousing provide all of our customers and affiliates with the utmost in satisfaction and increased profitability.
Distribution – Wireless Retail Group has one of the most reliable supply chains in today’s mobile phone industry. We provide our products and services to our customer base in a fast and easy to manage seamless process that ensures your companies speed to market to decrease overall risk and maximize productivity. Our distribution channel stops in every major city, state, and country world wide for your convenience.   
 Fulfillment – Wireless Retail Group understands the importance of speed and availability throughout the fulfillment process, and through this understanding we are able to process our orders and requests in real-time to ensure prompt delivery of merchandise. We are able to provide multiple shipping options based on size and weight and destination to keep costs as low and effective as possible. Our orders are picked, packed, and shipped immediately to provide you with the products and services that keep your company ahead of the competition.   
 Sourcing – Wireless Retail Group is a valuable asset to the largest companies in the mobile phone industry through our sourcing department which will allocate any necessary equipment from our list of trusted industry. We support our customer base with an exceptional commitment to excellence by bringing in the products that are in demand regardless of our current inventory and or availability. When any of our clients has a request no matter how big or small we will cater to your needs in all instances despite of current market conditions. There is never a time when Wireless Retail Group can not help your business. Your request is our opportunity, and our opportunity is your profitability.

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100 Main Street Suite 1A Peabody, MA, 01960

Website: Wireless Retail Group  Through performance and service, we have earned a place as trusted partners to our customers and suppliers around the world.


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