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Chace Leather

  Chace Leather products has grown and continues to grow as an industry leader in the custom manufacturing of genuine leather and synthetic fabric instrument cases.The company manufactures products for some of the leading companies in the world that range from cases for instruments and medical devices to straps for firearms and sheaths for knifes, tool and instrument rolls, axe & machete sheaths and cell phone cases.
Address: Fall River, MA, 02722    
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Website: Chace Leather
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Chace Leather
  Founded in 1910, Chace Leather originally manufactured leather belting used in the New England textile industry. As the area’s industries evolved, so too did Chace, and the company now designs and manufactures leather and synthetic cases and sheaths at its Alden Street production facility. These custom goods are made for “a variety of industrial and consumer products,” including cell phones, portable radios, medical devices, tools, instrument cases, pet and equestrian supplies, and the advertising specialty market.
  Leonard Chace said that his company’s flexibility and willingness to adapt to meet changing market conditions have been at the core of its longevity. “We've seen this business change dramatically over the years, but through it all, we’ve worked hard to keep Chace Leather Products competitive. That’s a tribute to the dedication and talent of our employees, and it also reflects on the great partnerships we’ve built with the city and the local banking community.”
  Our designers, sample makers, engineers and crafts people await your technical drawings or napkin sketches. Outstanding quality, great value, on-schedule deliveries.
  Construction Tool Holsters.
  Hammers, drills, utility knives, pruners… whatever the tool, Chace custom designs and manufactures durable and functional holders or holsters.Сustomization with company logos reinforces your brand.
  Tool and Instrument Rolls.
  The tools you produce are prized by the craftsmen you supply. Chace tool cases offer added value and keep them organized and protected. Reinforce your brand with cases and rolls from Chace.
  Forestry Tools.
  Forestry and surveying professionals need rugged carry solutions. Chace creates the tools to hold the tools – from acid bottle holders to chalk tree markers, plumb bob holsters to compass cases.
  Medical Device Cases.
  Advances in medical technology have put critical care equipment into the homes of those in need. Sensitive equipment requires proper care and protection. Chace makes the cases.
  Specialty Leather Items.
  Special items are our specialty. From full-grain leather binders to pigskin cuffs to suede, canvas and leather farriers’ aprons… if you have a project that requires complex cutting and sewing, think Chace.

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507 Alden Street Fall River, MA, 02722

Website: Chace Leather  Leather goods, knife sheaths, holsters, cases, straps, Cordura


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