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Safe and Sound

  Safe and Sound is your first place to shop in Southeastern Massachusetts when looking for home theater systems, mobile video, home audio systems, security systems and more! Our products add value to your property and vehicles and make your life more enjoyable. Look to us when you want to secure the safety of your family! Stop by our store on the West Bridgewater-Brockton line and meet our first-rate staff.
Address: West Bridgewater, MA, 02379    
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Safe and Sound
  We`ve served the South Shore area since 1976, and along the way we`ve met a lot of great people and introduced innovative products. We`d love to show you our fine line of products!   
 You can count on us for professional installation of everything from a big-screen television to surround-sound audio in your home, office, or vehicle. Our experts are qualified, proficient, and precise. Why struggle with complicated sets of instructions when we can do it in a fraction of the time. The systems for home entertainment and security are increasingly more sophisticated. Today`s homeowner expects his or her domain to be ?wired?, and that term now means a lot more than internet capabilities. Besides, your PC is no longer the only piece of hardware capable of accessing the internet.   
 Custom installation once applied to choosing and installing a good quality sound system, but now it means so much more! With the advent of high-quality recording in the form of DVD and high-definition sources, the discerning homeowner often seeks assistance installing televisions as well. The past few years have seen the prices of plasma screens drop, the size of LCD screens increase, and the development of high-definition projectors.   
 Custom installation is all about your individual tastes and needs. Let us create a unique installation just for you! We are the professional help you`ve been searching for! Visit any electronics department at your favorite retailer today and you will immediately be hit with more choices and more technology than you probably anticipated. You`ll be inundated with terms like Flat Screen, plasma, LCD display, HDTV, ATSC, NTSC, 1080i (HDTV), 720p (HDTV), 480p (EDTV), 480i (SDTV), Speaker Power, Rear-projection, front projection.   
 What does it all mean? Visit our store at 12 West Center Street in West Bridgewater Massachusetts to learn more. If you are buying a television as the centerpiece of your home entertainment center, we help you consider the devices you intend to use with your TV. Flat panel TVs are all the rage now, and we will walk you through two types to choose from: plasma and LCD . The buzz word right now in TV land is HDTV ( high-definition television ). Our HDTV`s are digital televisions capable of much higher resolution than a standard analog TV.   
 We take the guess-work out of selecting the right equipment, because what matters is that you get the best viewing pleasure when you sit down to watch a movie or a ball game.

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12 West Center Street West Bridgewater, MA, 02379


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