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Wedding Dance Boston

 Wedding Dance Boston is the largest ballroom dance studio in the United States. Emil and Ruta Ioukhnikov, formerly from Lithuania, opened the studio in 2001. During their teaching career in Lithuania, Israel, and now the United States, they brought up several generations of professional and social dancers and enthusiasts. They have created shows and wedding dances for hundreds of people.
Address: Newton, MA, 02459    
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Website: Wedding Dance Boston
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Wedding Dance Boston

Have you been thinking about taking dance lessons to perform the perfect first dance at your wedding? If the answer is “yes,” then Dance Fever Studio is the perfect place to get started.
This dance studio offers social and competitive dance classes to more than 400 children and adults, with
Champions from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Canada and Serbia on the coaching team.

Wedding Dance Services
To  impress your guests  and be prepared for the most important dance of the wedding reception ceremony couples are encouraged to take wedding dance instructions.
Dancing requires dedication, discipline and practice. Taking dancing lessons will  improve your confidence, social skills and focus.
You need confidence In order to perform in a front of relatives and friends on a dance floor.
Wedding Dance Studio professionals will teach bride and groom the basics of dance. Copules can select from waltz, tango, fox trot, jive, paso doble or quickstep.
If newlyweds prefer a faster dance- cha-cha would be one of the best choices. Quick moves and turns will for sure entertain guests. Steps in cha-cha are easy to learn and there is a huge variety of Latin music that can be used.
If newlyweds prefer a slow dance then rumba is the dance to learn for presentation.
This dance originated in Cuba, is called “dance of love” and in the 1920’s it became very popular in the USA. This dance emphasizes the romance between dancers and involves  slow movement, accentuate hip actions.
For newlyweds who like lifts, jumps – jive will be one of the greatest choices for the wedding dance.
Another fast paced dance is Samba that came from Brazil. Hip movements, bending and knee stretching are involved. It is going to remind  your quests of a Carnival. International music can be used fot samba.
Paso doble , a very dramatic Latin dance which is loved in Germany and Spain also is great for the first wedding dance. Gorgeous moves and classical music signify the unity.
The entrance and exit from the dance floor is important to the wedding dance to be presented and performed beautifully, the teacher aides in choreographing the great elements.
Instructor always can suggest the suitable tune, music or couple can choose their favorites for the wedding dancing.
After dancing lessons taking at the Wedding Dance Studio- Dance Fever, the couple feels confident and very excited.
Parent Dance
Another recent trend in weddings is a surprise dance for parents of a bride or a groom.
In many occasions they have not have opportunity to dance since their own wedding. Even though their support and participation is quintessential in organizing, overseeing and financing the wedding they are rarely in the spotlight.
Mother son dances and father daughter dances can also be planned in advance.
Instead of boring shuffling the participants will surprise their guests with stellar performance.
The surprise dance will add individuality to the wedding making it special and unique.
Everyone cheered as one of the Dance Fever's students lead his daughter in a fast paced tango. This father daughter dance was a complete surprise for the guests and set the tone for the reception and celebration.
Sometimes relatives want to congratulate the newlyweds with a spectacular performance.
Nieces, nephews and cousins may prepare a whole show for a bride and groom. It is not uncommon to see bridesmaids perform a dance at a wedding.
The newlyweds would feel truly special if people take time and use their talent, creativity and motivation to celebrate wedding with a choreographed dance. Such presents will leave a long lasting impression and add excitement to any wedding. Our talented teacher can choreograph a series of dances and help students polish their performance.

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We serve : Needham, Dedham, Sharon, Canton, Norwood, Brookline, Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Watertown, Waltham, Allston and more towns and cities North and South of Boston
Address and Phone Number
200 Wells Avenue Newton, MA, 02459

Website: Wedding Dance Boston  The largest dance studio in the United States.

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