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David Ness Jr General Construction

Quality, Service & Dependability for over 25 years. David Ness has served Boston & Southern Massachusetts general contractors, property managers, architects, insurance companies, homebuilders and individual homeowners with quality services that include residential replacement roofing, commercial and residential new construction, Rubber/shingle roofing, repair and maintenance service and gutters.
Address: Taunton, MA, 02780    
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David Ness Jr General Construction
In the long run, choosing us as your Contractor will certainly save you a bundle. I can even begin to count all the customers that have paid us to repair their roofing jobs that were done by other companies. We'll help you avoid the disappointment caused by unskilled contractors.
During this highly informative session, you'll have the opportunity to:
- Have your Roofing project evaluated
- Find out how the work will be completed
- Have all your questions answered by a Professionalt
- Get help finding the best products for your home
- Get our written promise and guarantee.
It's all the information you need to make an educated decision about your project. Our "Project Evaluation and Consultation" is yours at no charge. Our 25+ years of Home improvement experience is yours FREE
Cedar shingles
look great in natural settings, and if the natural look is important to you, then cedar shakes may be the answer. The shakes or shingles are usually stained in earth tones, browns, or grays. This is a really great look with less upkeep than clapboard that needs painting periodically.
Vinyl siding is a plastic made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. The advantages of never having to worry about rot and flaking paint makes this exterior covering attractive to many consumers. However, with a lower price tag comes problems. Vinyl siding has a tendency to crack, split, and look faded and dingy after a few years. Manufacturers have made improvements on these problems, but they still exist. The environmentally conscious may not want to choose vinyl due to the problems it creates when it is removed - PVCs release toxins when burned, making vinyl not environmentally friendly.
Wood siding has been used for hundreds of years, and seeing a 300-year-old clapboard house is testimony to the durability of wood when properly maintained. Cedar, pine, spruce, redwood, Cyprus, or Douglas fir are the woods used most often. Pine holds finishes extremely well, giving it added value.
The most common gutter installed is the 5 inch K-style. 6 inch K-style. The 6inch is usually reserved for commercial buildings and houses that have a lot of rain flow. David ness' gutters are roll formed right out of the machine and are cut on site to make for a perfect fit for your home. Also, because they are roll formed, They do not have any seams which = seamleass gutters which = No Leaks!
Aluminum K Style
Galvanized K Style

When we make your gutters we only use the best materials. We use a thick .032 gauge aluminum for all of our K-style gutters. The color is baked on the aluminum so it stands the test of time. As for the aluminum downspouts; 2”x3” aluminum downspout are used for 5” K-style gutter and with the 6” K-style gutter; 3”x4” aluminum downspouts are used. We can match your downspouts with the colors of your gutters or match them exactly to your siding.
By building an addition on to your home, you can make it more livable, while also increasing its value. A home addition allows you to comfortably stay in a home and neighborhood you like without incurring the expenses and inconvenience of moving. The idea is to increase space by building on or in any direction from the existing home structure in order to create more living space.
t's a cheap way to expand your living space. The average deck costs about $7,000. It's cheap, but it gets you $15,000 when you sell your house and you get to use it for however long you use it. They last for a long time with the pressure treated wood and other strong materials they use to build them now.

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581 Cohanett st Taunton, MA, 02780

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 *** 2 Reviews for David Ness Jr General Construction
Bad 03/19/2010  mike    worcester, Massachusetts
david ness jr there was more damage done than repaired. his "foreman" was non knowledgeable and thought a tube of caulk could fix a roof/siding leak. they left trash all over my yard and caulking all over the roof. will not return a phone call (because he conveniently lost it) and when he does he is a no show.
Bad 11/12/2012  Hal Seay    Chelsea, Massachusetts
David Ness is a complete SCAM ARTIST. Paid him $1300.00 to repair a small leak and I still have the leak but not the money. David Ness will not answer calls or return them. Stay away from this total scam.

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