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Alltite Roof Doctor

 Alltite Roof Doctor has now been serving the community for over three decades, the company was started in 1976 and has been helping protect homes and businesses from Mother Nature since that time. As you know, this section of the country can see extremes, we can experience below zero temperatures for prolonged periods of time along with bouts of ice and snow that can pile up on roofs for months on end causing ice dams and the ensuing leaks they cause.
Address: Rutland, MA, 01543    
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Website: Alltite Roof Doctor
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 We can see the mercury rise above 100 in the summer in one of our classic “heat waves” causing the asphalt in the shingles to become very soft and extremely susceptible to damage from violent thunderstorms with the sudden wind and directional rains which accompany them.  
 Alltite Roof Doctor has the knowledge and the remedies for whatever problems occur with your roof.  With over thirty years of experience on the job, any situation can be handled in a prompt and professional manner giving you the peace of mind you need.  Emergency repairs are no problem either.  Our courteous and uniformed crew can assist you in time of emergency if it should arise.  From a simple repair to solve an existing issue or prevent one, to a complete new roof if necessary, Alltite is ready when you are.  
 Alltite Roof Doctor abides by the rules and regulations set forth by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.  We always work with an accepted and signed contract with the appropriate language so you always know what services you are getting and what the bottom line of payment will be prior to the commencement of work.  Start dates and completion dates will be furnished for you included in the contract so you will always know when things will get started and finished.  
 Alltite Roof Doctor has one crew rather than multiple crews servicing multiple customers at the same time.  This ensures that your job will get the attention it demands until it is completed without having the confusion that too many jobs going on at the same time can cause. All crew personnel are experienced, courteous, clean, and uniformed so you always know who is working on your property.  At least one member of the crew is always Massachusetts licensed as well as being registered with the state as a Home Improvement Contractor (H.I.C.).  You should always have any contractor present you with their credentials to make sure they have the proper authority to be performing these services. Many contractors brag about having certain credentials but really don`t.  This is not just a good idea, it`s the law.  Finally, insurance, both for the workmen and your property is always in force in case an unfortunate event occurs.

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1 Ware Road Rutland, MA, 01543

Website: Alltite Roof Doctor  Repair & New Roof Specialists


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