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Metal Roof MA

MA flat ran metal roofing contractor provides flat, low-slope and pitch roof installation services to homeowners in Massachusetts, using IB PVC flat roofing membrane, metal roofing shingles & standing seam metal roof.
Address: West Roxbury, MA, 02132    
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Website: Flat Roof Metal Roofing MA
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Metal Roof MA
Our specialty is flat roofs and metal roofing - it is all we install, and we do it well! We use personal approach when installing or repairing your roof. That is we will treat your roof as our own and spend extra time on all the critical details such as skylight and chimney flashing, valleys sidewall flashing, etc. These areas leak the most so we will take extra care making sure your roof will not leak.

We are trained and certified to install IB PVC flat roofing materials and most metal roofing systems, and have extensive experience with every roof we install. We also specialize in repairing EPDM rubber roofs, using EPDM quick seam flashing membrane for longer lasting roof repairs.

When you hire us to perform the rubber roof repair, you will get 2 hours of professional roof repair work with all necessary rubber flashing materials included in the price of $375. You will also get a roofing estimate to replace your roof if you decide to do so later.

Use the interactive roofing calculator tool to estimate roof replacement prices in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, for IB PVC roof, Metal roofing and other types of flat roofs.

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22 Potomac St. West Roxbury, MA, 02132

Website: Flat Roof Metal Roofing MA  Flat roof installation, rubber roof repair and Metal Roofing in Massachusetts


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