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O`Lyn Roofing Contractors, Inc

O'Lyn Roofing has provided New Englanders with the reliability and tradition of quality and craftsmanship they expect for over 35 years. Even the most challenging and intricate roofing work is done quickly and correctly the first time. O'Lyn Roofing provides a fully certified staff of professionals, state-of-the-art materials and expertise, free consultation and estimate and available financing.
Address: Norwood, MA, 02062    
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Website: O`Lyn Roofing Contractors, Inc
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O`Lyn Roofing Contractors, Inc
O’Lyn Roofing Contractors, Inc. is staffed by professionals that are certified with the highest standard of excellence set by the Certainteed Corporation. We work hard to do every job quickly and correctly the first time, with the finest, state-of-the-art materials and expertise.
Michael Olen, president and owner, stands behind his name with a reputation of reliability and a tradition of quality that he has personally maintained for over 35 years. “I love a challenge.", he explains. "The more complicated a roof, the more interesting a job can be, and the more we work to do it right.”
O'Lyn Roofing Contractors, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured, professional roofing company. We take our quality workmanship very seriously. When we finish a job and leave, we want everyone to know who was there and how well we did the job.
When you want it done right, call the roofing experts, O'Lyn Roofing Contractors, Inc. We'll provide you with a free consultation and estimate, and we even have financing available.
Ice & Water Underpayment
Winter’s nasty build-ups of ice and snow can trap water which can seep through your roof damaging the roof deck and the interior of your home. A waterproofing shingle underlayment is installed between the roof deck and the shingles, creating a weather-tight barrier which prevents backed-up water from getting through to your home.
Quality Shingles
Enhance and protect your real estate investment. Quality shingles provide protection against damage from strong winds and rain.
Choose from a whole range of shingles, from traditional to upscale with the latest looks and colors.
Our gutters are custom-made for your job right on the site. There are 17 colors available
Attic Ventilation
Ventilation helps prevent wood rot in your attic or roof deck and can reduce heating and cooling costs, often by up to 30%.

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916 Pleasant St. Unit 4 Norwood, MA, 02062

Website: O`Lyn Roofing Contractors, Inc  O`Lyn Roofing has provided New Englanders with the reliability and tradition of quality and craftsmanship they expect for over 35 years.


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Excellent 07/23/2009  raindrops    Boston, Massachusetts
Our roof had been leaking for several months so I called O'Lyn on a Monday and the sales manager, Dan Lunney, came to the house just few hours later. He came back with a quote and product samples a week later. He was very informative, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. He patiently educated us about the materials and process of roofing and how the job would unfold. He also explained to us the licensing and insurance that any roofer we were considering should have. Seeing samples of the products was especially helpful. Although their bid was about 10-15% higher than 2 other bids, we decided to go with O'Lyn for their superior materials and excellent customer service. The job was scheduled promptly and took less than 2 full days to complete. The crew worked diligently and were all polite and helpful when I had questions. Tom Olen and another "supervisor" (I don't know their actual titles), were on site frequently and provided us with their cell phone numbers in case of questions/problems. Dan also stopped by the job each day. The mess from 3 layers of roof was tremendous, but I was amazed at how thorough the clean up was. There was snow on the ground and the crew came back after the snow had melted to clean up any debris that had sunk into the snow. They also use a magnet to pick up stray nails. The crew was very careful about our neighbors' property and cars in our dense neighborhood. Two newly-planted shrubs were damaged during the work, but O'Lyn didn't hesitate to discount their cost from the final bill. And they even offered to paint the white metal edging around the dormer and flat roof so that it matched the house -- something that was not quoted in the job. Tom Olen did that work himself and each of the 2 times he returned to do it, he took another walk around the house to check for debris. I trust that the roof will no longer leak, but if it does, I also trust that O'Lyn will be responsive in dealing with any problems.

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