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Car Detailing in Dedham

Give your car a terrific treat and take it to Car Detailing in Dedham! Whether you would like a quick exterior car wash and interior cleaning, a full service detail, or anything in between, we can accommodate your wishes. Please stop by our trusted establishment and view the quality workmanship we are proud of providing.
Address: Dedham, MA, 02026    
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Car Detailing in Dedham
An automobile is not only one of the most important purchases for many people, but a place where much time is spent.  Whether it is utilized for transportation to work, school, errands, pleasure trips, or traveling to vacation spots, it is a vital mode of transportation.  Since your vehicle does so much for you, why not give it a special treat once in a while.  At Car Detailing in Dedham, all the services you require to pamper your automobile and keep it clean, shiny, and looking its best are easily attainable.  Our prestigious, trusted establishment has customers coming back time and time again because of the excellent results we provide.  

We offer an enormous spectrum of service packages from which
Car Detailing in Dedhamour patrons may choose.  Some of the packages are quite simple such as an interior or exterior car wash.  You may only be interested in a speedy tidying-up of the inside, including vacuuming and dusting.  Or, perhaps a washing of the outside, with windows and wheels cleaned and a rapid interior dusting, is what you have in mind.

Interior and Exterior Car WashFor those customers who want their automobiles to absolutely sparkle and look brand new, our full service detail does the trick.  For a limited time only, the cost of this wonderful treatment is solely $129.00.   Your car will be taken care of on the inside and outside.  We use the most advanced, prominent products in the industry to produce the top-notch results we are known for.  The interior cleaning consists of a hand wash and wax, and interior steam clean that is performed with a specific steam machine. We clean carpets and mats, clean and condition the leather or vinyl, make the windows sparkle, detail the panels and dash, and detail the tires and rims.  You will be completely amazed at the beauty of your Full Service Car Detailentire automobile when you see the finished product at a reasonable price of $129.00. 

In order  to keep the outside of your vehicle in optimum condition,
we recommend an exterior cleaning which includes, buff, polish, and wax two times per year.  This treatment acts as a barrier from the elements of sun, rain, and snow.  Taking the time out to see to it that this procedure is taken care of will be beneficial in the long run.  It will contribute to the longevity of the car in terms of delaying rust-proofing, painting, aInterior & Exterior Cleaningnd other cosmetic needs.  In addition, the driver and passengers’ chances of dust-related illnesses are reduced.  The routine detailing that you give to your car is a small price to pay for all the valuable advantages it brings forth.

The staff of professionals we employ takes their jobs very seriously; therefore, they consistently see to it that all of the vehicles they service are treated with great care, concern, and attention to every possible detail.  Whether it is tar, bugs, or salt in the winter, all of these situations are addressed with no problem.  We invite you to come to our esteemed business and see for yourself the quality work that we perform for our clients.  

Our company is situated conveniently in Dedham, MA: between Allston, Boston, Brookline, Needham, and Newton.

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150 Milton Street Dedham, MA, 02026


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