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Car Craft Collision Repair

Car Craft Collision is a proud participant in the CertifiedFirst™ Network of quality-rated auto body repair centers. That means that we have met the Network's stringent criteria for facilities and amenities including having modern equipment, trained technicians and a staff that's committed to your complete satisfaction.
Address: Braintree, MA, 02184    
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Website: Car Craft Collision Repair
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Car Craft Collision Repair
You're Driving Home Our Reputation™
Fortunately, most people don't need auto body repair services often. Unfortunately, when you do, it's not always easy to know which repair center to choose…
When it comes to customer satisfaction, we’re committed to the core!
Your business means a lot to us, which is why your satisfaction is so important to us. It's also why CertifiedFirst Network approved facilities like ours must continually meet high standards for customer satisfaction, as measured by Customer Research, Inc., an independent research firm. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means you can expect great service – service that's prompt, courteous and professional – from estimation through completion.
We’re confident in our work…You can be, too
Because we consistently do good work, we can afford to back it with a minimum 3-year written warranty on overall repair workmanship. We also offer a Lifetime Paint Performance Guarantee – good for as long as you own your vehicle – and the paint products used under this Guarantee have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. So you see, when it comes to auto body repair centers, ours is a shining example – and an easy pick whenever you need auto body repair services.
Informed customers choose us…and our customers stay informed
We know how important your vehicle is to you. So naturally, you want it repaired right. Thanks to top-notch products, well-trained people and state-of-the-art equipment, we're capable of restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.
But if you're like most people, being without your vehicle represents a considerable inconvenience. We understand, and not only pledge to return it as quickly as possible, but also to keep you informed about its status throughout the repair process.

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521 Grove St. Braintree, MA, 02184

Website: Car Craft Collision Repair  Car Craft Collision is a proud participant in the CertifiedFirstâ„¢ Network of quality-rated auto body repair centers.


 *** 2 Reviews for Car Craft Collision Repair
Bad 07/15/2009  Cara    Weymouth, Massachusetts
Warning: Please, save yourself and get your car far away from Car Craft. Immediately. A company that claims customer satisfaction commitment "to the core" is actually only committed to false advertising to the extreme. Bringing my vehicle there has been nothing but one huge mistake. From the day I dropped it off, a Wednesday, to the first time they contacted me (the following Monday, even though I was told I would be contacted within one day) to a month later when I got my car back... it was pure torture. $1200 - 1500 they quoted me. Okay, I said. $2,700 they charged me. Thanks? The website claims they keep you informed, however they never cared to inform me of anything. After saying that it would take a week, I called them after ten days. Tomorrow, they said, promising a call by one o'clock. I called them the next day at five, reminding them they owed me a call. "Oh right," I was told "today was just a crazy day..." was their nonchalant answer. I told them I just want to know if my car was ready. Nope. Tomorrow, they said (again.) Fine. I will see you then. Finally, my car was ready, and they chose this day to tell me they do not take credit cards. Hmmph. Thankyouverymuch for the fair warning. Think about it. Aren't car repairs one of the main things people need credit cards for? What reputable company would not take credit cards? I was stuck with no options, and have never experienced less appreciative, less helpful people in my life. I called to talk options, and was given the owners phone number (in Braintree). I called to speak with him, and was told I could not by his office assistant. I was told by the original office assistant (Abington) to speak to the owner again. I told her I was not being allowed to speak with him. This game continued for a little while until the assistant (I never was allowed access to the owner) told me they would only take cash (not even a check) from me. Everyone has $2,700 in cash lying around these days, right? Wrong. And who feels comfortable handing over $2,700 in cash to a company that has done nothing but screw them? I was never informed of their payment policy the whole month my car was there? Unprofessional. Overall, the whole experience was deplorable. It is a shame to think of a company taking full advantage of their customer in so many ways, and then claiming to be unbeatable in customer satisfaction. So please do not read the website. If they were honest, it would read: "Your business means nothing to us, which is why your satisfaction is not even a thought in our minds. We do not understand the inconvenience of being without your vehicle. We not only pledge to take as long as humanly possible to do the work, but also to lie about when it will be ready, and never initiate contact to keep you informed on its status. We will rip you off and treat you with disdain the whole time!" Do yourself a favor: drive away. Fast.
Excellent 11/10/2011  ken hartford ,paula doonan    brockton, Massachusetts
my girlfriend just got her infiniti back after an accident and she loved the work, the service and the finished product.The mgr. of the abington branch named tom was terrific all the way through! The car was perfect and very clean keep up the good work!

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