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Auto Precision

Auto Precision body shop, located in Watertown, MA offers all kinds of services, from wheel replacement to bodywork, engine rebuild and much more. Center for Complete Auto Repairs & Collisions Services- one of the best body shops in Boston area with many years of experience in fixing damaged vehicles.
Address: Watertown, MA, 02472    
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Website: Auto Body Shop in Watertown
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Auto Body Shop in Watertown, MA

Auto Precision
Center for Complete Auto Repairs & Collisions Services

The most experienced technicians in Boston,MA area are ready to serve you!

Anatoly Prokupets is the owner of Auto Precision body shop, which hires the best technicians in Boston, Watertown and surroundings. The staff of this body shop obtains various certificates, ensuring the best quality of job done in Watertown, MA. Our auto technicians use the most sophisticated technology in auto body repairs to make sure your car will be restored to its former, pre-accidental condition. Auto Precision body shop is a very successful business with staff striving for highest quality of work and customer satisfaction. All of the body shop’s customers are completely satisfied and happy with job done at Auto Precision in Watertown, MA.
This body shop repairs all models and makes. If you’d like to get an estimate, it’s always free and no appointment necessary. However, according to Anatoly’s recommendation, it will be better to call for an appointment before hand for the much faster estimation. Auto Precision auto body shop has an agreement with the most popular and known insurance companies and will provide much faster repair and take care of all necessary paperwork. The body shop staff, located in Watertown, MA will do everything to save customer’s time and money when fixing a damaged vehicle.
This well known body shop offers all kinds of repair services, from wheel replacement to bodywork, engine rebuild and much more. The body shop has the best certified technicians with years of experience. At this full service Auto Precision body shop in Boston area every job is 100% guaranteed and your car will be completely refurbished on time and with the best quality possible.
Customer satisfaction and the highest quality are the goals at Auto Precision body shop. The vehicles and repair technology are getting more sophisticated and we retrain our technicians regularly. Our main target is every customer's satisfaction.
Anatoly’s approach to car repairs at Auto Precision is the close attention and supervision to every vehicle being fixed at the shop. Moreover, since Anatoly is Licensed Auto Appraiser, you will get his expert’s advice in any car repairs.. This body shop uses the industry’s latest technology, tools and maintains the best customer service and quality in Watertown and Boston, MA for years. Auto Precision’s staff will be happy to guideyou through the process of repair, you will receive the attention you need and you want.

If your vehicle is damaged after a car accident, just call them today, and all your problems will be solved. All insurance claims will be handled in timely manner. Auto Precision body shop will take care of everything: from major to minor repairs on any vehicle.
To answer all of your questions regarding services provided, please visit or call the repair shop.
At Auto Precision every technician has an experience in fixing full size trucks, dump tracks, and vans.
Free Estimate.
Free car offered on the period of repair.
Free car delivery to the shop and to customer’s home.

Working Hours:
Monday- Friday: 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
If you need your car to get fixed in a timely and professional manner give us a call, we at Auto Precision in Watertown, MA are ready to help you!

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We serve : Watertown, Newton, Needham, Dedham, Boston, Brookline, Brighton, Allston, Waltham, Somerville, Lexington, Wellesley

Address and Phone Number
48-50 Prentiss St. Watertown, MA, 02472

Website: Auto Body Shop in Watertown  Auto Precision body shop, located in Watertown, MA offers all kinds of services, from wheel replacement to bodywork, engine rebuild and much more


 *** 2 Reviews for Auto Precision
Excellent 06/28/2009  Kate    Brookline, Massachusetts
Great service and really affordable rates for the Boston area. My car was hit around the corner from my house (isn't that where most accidents happen - gah!) and I looked around for a free estimate in Boston. These guys were great, really friendly and responsive, gave me the free estimate, and even dealt with my insurance company. They even offer free towing, apparently! Great rates, low-stress, and reliable auto service; what else could one ask for?
Excellent 12/09/2010  Zack    Waltham, Massachusetts
Each member of my family has a car and unfortunately, minor or severe car accidents happen to be real to us. It is about 10 year ago a friend of mine recommended me Auto Precision Body Shop in Watertown MA. The first time I walked in I got an immediate attention from the owner of the shop. Anatoly the owner gives a personal attention every time not only to you but to each minor issue you experiencing with your car. His mechanics have the best experience and attitude you need and provide a high quality job. The body shop solves claim issues with your insurance company, organizes an appraisal, offers you a free towing and brings your rental car right to you. It is all taken care of at reasonable and competitive price. Auto Precision in Watertown MA is the first class operation. I highly recommend Auto Precision Center for Complete Auto Repairs & Collisions Services, based on my experience and experiences of my friends.

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