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Bacon Street Auto Body

Bacon Street Auto Body Shop & Collision Repair Center specializes in  Car Accident Repair and auto bodywork. Since ‘80,  Collision Repair Center has been doing quality work, and has established itself as one of the best auto body shops in the business. They are a Certification 7 Affiliations Repair Shop with excellent online reviews. Visit them at their convenient location in Waltham MA between Watertown, Lexington, Newton, Weston, Belmont, Lexington and Lincoln.
Address: Waltham, MA, 02451    
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Waltham Auto Body Shop and Collision Center
Provided to you by Bacon Street Auto Body

When your car is damaged as a result of an accident or incident, auto repair is a top priority.
Finding quality auto body shops can be difficult, and trying to choose an auto body shop can be stressful as well.  Take that stress away. 
Waltham Auto Body Shop & Collision Repair Center has been in the automotive repair industry since 1980.
They are experts in car damage repair, and general auto repair of all types.
As an experienced car body repair shop, Waltham can help you restore your vehicle to a safe, attractive, comfortable, drivable vehicle.
Their auto body work is top notch and you are sure to satisfied with their auto body repair job. You can consult your auto body repair manual, or you can head over to Waltham and trust in them to repair it for you.
Body Shop skills and specialties are  are focused on collision body repair or general auto accident repair. While Waltham Auto Body is involved in automobile collision repair, and works with all major insurance companies, they can do more then simply work with a collision vehicle or handle collision car repair.
Waltham Auto Body Shop can also perform  auto glass replacementdent removal, and other types of  auto body and frame repairs on a problem motor vehicle.
Visiting Waltham Auto Body  Shop  for collision repair may be one reason, but  paint problems can also be another.
Waltham Collision Repair Center can provide full service for your vehicle , from vehicle  glass repairs to  rust problems and beyond.
If auto painting is what you are looking for, Waltham Auto  Paint can help you there as well. Whether you want general auto painting due to an accident or damage to the paint, or you seek custom painting,  They can meet your needs. Both custom painting and a general auto body paint job require a company with skill and experience. Waltham's 25+ years in the auto body shop industry should assure you that your car paint job will come out looking great.
Reproducing the glossy like new factory finish while performing an auto body repair takes years of experience and the desire to attend to detail of fit and finish. 
They prides themselves in providing auto body repair that restores your vehicle to factory fit and function. Auto technicians then takes the auto body job to the next level applying auto body paint with skill and patience to deliver that like new factory finish.
Finally, Waltham Auto Body Shop & Collision Repair Center can help with your other concerns regarding your car. Whether you need auto frame straitening, geo repair, auto door repair, auto body panel repair, auto window repairs, or automobile dent repair, Waltham Auto Body can meet these needs. They are a full service company, providing these auto door repairs and auto body panel repairs after an accident, or simply to restore your car to perfect.

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We serve : Watertown, Lexington, Newton, Weston, Belmont, Lexington,Lincoln, Boston, Brighton, Cambridge,Newton, Needham ane many more.

Address and Phone Number
109 Bacon St. Waltham, MA, 02451


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